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These are home-made avatars to use at the Rockman.exe Online forum! Please note that since they are public avatars, you cannot accuse anyone of stealing the avatar that you chose if someone else decides that they also wish to use it. These avatars are yours to use at any forum that you wish, and you may alter them as you desire. If you wish to donate an avatar (must be Rockman related, any genre), then please e-mail it to me at forte@rockman-exe.com! Avatars must be 100 x 100 pixels in deminsion or smaller.

Do not link directly to these avatars when using them on the forum. Please right-click and choose "save as", then download them to your own computer. Then you may upload them via the "upload" feature enabled in your profile on the forum. Thank you.

((- Donated by DrkXFuZion -))

Special thanks to all who have donated avatars to be used on the forum by everyone! ^_^