Artwork by TabbyKitsu, please do not steal!

One of my most favourite sections of every site I visit, is the fanart section. Being a fanartist myself, I love to see what others can do and create. Since Rockman.exe is very much based around artwork and animation, I consider this a very important section. It allows the fans to express their devotion for this show in their own personal way, and to share their creative abilities for everyone to experience.

If you would like to submit any fanart from either the EXE anime, manga or games; please e-mail me your Artist Name and your artwork to, with a subject line "REO Fanart". Please send all images in either jpeg or png format! Also, please refrain from submitting traced official artwork. If we find anyone who is submitting stolen artwork, you will be banned from this site.

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Fan Fiction

This section is being brought about by popular demand, so here it is. ^_^ I am willing to accept any Rockman.exe related fanfics, whether it includes new original characters, characters from the games, or characters from the anime. The only request I have is that you include a small description of your story when you submit, and if there any spoilers related to the anime or games. Also, no hentai (adult related) fanfics please. I will tolerate violence, death and mild cursing, but sex is a big no-no. Lastly, your fanfic must be completed. I will not accept submissions that are not finished yet, due to the outstanding number of fics that just get forgotten about. Please e-mail me with the required info, and your fanfic in .txt or .html format. Thank you!

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Please e-mail me at if you would like to submit fanart or fanfic! I appreciate all submissions.
Please ask permission if you wish to use any of this artwork on your site. Thank you!