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Please carefully read this section before sending me an e-mail. I receive many e-mails a day, and it makes it hard to reply to everyone when a lot of the questions do not relate to my site and what I offer. So please be curtious, and check here first to see if I have already answered your question. Thank you!

1) Where can I download or buy full Rockman.exe / Megaman NT Warrior episodes?
As much as I would love to host them here, I just can't. The files take up too much space, and I don't have the bandwidth on my server to hold them. Your best bet on finding the episodes of Rockman.exe is going to be Kazaa Lite, a peer-to-peer downloading program, or on IRC. Please visit the Merchandise section on this site for further information on finding the anime episodes. If you are looking for NT Warrior, you will have to wait until the series is released onto DVD in stores this coming August.

2) Can you please post more images!? There isn't enough!
Please be patient, is all I ask. Screencaps take an insane amount of time to do, and I am currently waiting to see if an un-edited version of Megaman NT Warrior will be released onto DVD. If it is, I will be re-doing all of my screencaps and replacing them with much better quality ones instead.

3) Why is there no info on the games?
This site is dedicated to the anime and manga versions of Rockman.exe (Battle Network), not the games. If you need to find information on the video games, such as characters or walkthroughs, please visit Megaman Network, Planet Megaman, or

4) Why is it only EXE? Where are X and Zero?
Unless they are characters in the Rockman.exe manga or anime, you will not find them here. There is no anime for the X series, thus you will not find X and Zero anywhere on this site. Same goes for any non Rockman.exe character.

5) Are the toy PETs real? Do they come with Navis?
No, they are not. The toy PETs are like really expensive Tomadachis, and they both come with a pixulated Rockman. The PETs can tell you the time and date, be used an alarm clock, and have fun mini-games installed. It is possible to "plug-in" by choosing the Net Battle option, then connecting the plug-in wire to anything metalic (it has a magnet attached to the end). You can then use the battle chips the PETs come with to Net Battle whatever Navi pops up on your screen. But for the last time, THEY ARE NOT REAL. ROCKMAN WILL NOT RESPOND TO YOU LIKE A REAL NAVI.

6) How do I play the videos on your site? I get sound but no picture!
In this case, you are most likely missing the required codecs. Please check this post on my forum for information on fixing your video problems:

7) Will your site shut down when Rockman.exe / Megaman NT Warrior is over?
Rest easy my dear friend, this site will never shut down unless Capcom themselves decide to sue me for whatever reasons.

8) Will you host my music video?
As much as I would love to host everyone's music videos, I just don't have the space to hold them all. However feel free to submit your video, and I will take a look at it! If I like it enough, it may end up on the site eventually. :)

8) Why are no images showing up on the site? Why do I get a hotlinker page when I try to download something?
Rockman.exe Online has an Anti-Hotlinker script enabled throughout the entire site. Unfortunately some people's firewalls interfere with this, causing images to be broken when they try to view the site. Here is how to fix this:

The most common cause of this problem is firewalls blocking the referrer. If your firewall or any other software (mozilla, moz phoenix, moz firebird, and moz firefox all have referrer blocking available) blocks referrer info, you'll have to turn off the blocking to see images.

To change referrer handling in ZoneAlarm:
* Open ZoneAlarm by right clicking on the icon in the task tray.
* Click Privacy on the left side.
* Under Cookie control, select Custom.
* In the Custom Privacy Options window, choose the Cookies tab
* Untick Remove Private Header Information.

Norton Firewall Users:
The default settings for Norton's firewall disable the HTTP Referrer. Norton is by far our number one culprit for this. If you're running the Norton Firwall software, the following instructions will allow you to enable the HTTP referrer while still protecting your connection

1. Double-click on the Norton security icon in your system tray or open its configuration tool from the start menu.
2. Click on the "Options" menu at the top of the screen and choose "Internet Security."
3. Click on the "Web Content Tab."
4. Under "Global Settings," find the box labeled "Information about visited sites." Click the "Permit" radio button in this section.
5. Click the "OK" button to save your changes

The process to enable referrers in other firewalls should be similar, consult their manual or website if you have trouble.

I will probably be continually updating this list, so please check back.
If your question was not answered here, then please feel free to send me an e-mail!