Artwork by TabbyKitsu, please do not steal!

The Rockman.exe Online forum community is a thriving group of friends who enjoy expressing their fandom for Rockman and just all around having a good time! However in order to keep the peace, there are a few rules that must be followed. I ask that you please read these rules before entering the forum. Thank you!

There is no Role Playing at this forum. If you are looking to join a RPG, please go elsewhere.

No excessive swearing, this forum does have younger members.
No flaming other members, or degrading their personal opinions.
Always post a warning before posting a spoiler for a newly released game or episode!
Please keep signature pictures to a reasonable size, no huge pictures. Same for avatars.
Do not spam! This will not be tolerated on any level.
No discussions involving ROMs or any other warez. Period.
Please refrain from making useless one or few word posts, this is considered as spam.
No advertising your site/yahoo group/club ect, ect. Please keep it within only your signature.
No backseat moderating. The admins and mods keep the peace, not members.
If you see something that needs attention, please PM a mod, not take it apon yourself to enforce the rules.

((- Got all that? Then you're ready to enter the forum! Enjoy! -))


These are home-made avatars to use at the Rockman.exe Online forum! Please note that since they are public avatars, you cannot accuse anyone of stealing the avatar that you chose if someone else decides that they also wish to use it. These avatars are yours to use at any forum that you wish, and you may alter them as you desire. If you wish to donate an avatar (must be Rockman related, any genre), then please e-mail it to me at! Avatars must be 100 x 100 pixels in deminsion or smaller.

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I appreciate help so very much! Without everyone pitching in, this site would never be what it is today.