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This 45 minute long movie was released in Japanese theaters during March of 2005, while Rockman.exe Stream was broadcasting on TV. As such, this full length summary contains many spoilers, and leaves nothing out. If you are not familiar with the end of Axess, or of Stream, you may want to refresh yourself in the Episode Summaries provided on this site. I wish to extend a special thank you to WolfPackProductions for subtitling the movie, and providing us with an accurate translation. Without them I would have never been able to completely write this. With that said, please enjoy!


Deep in the dark recesses of the UnderNet, Forte sleeps as he drifts aimlessly. In this cybernetic graveyard, a pulsating power re-awakens Forte, alerting him to a dangerous being shortly ahead. A haunting face appears amidst a massive bright purple blob, laughing directly at Forte. Cursing him, Forte finds himself powerless as the blob takes form, and captures him within its grasp!

Nearing the time of sunset, a peaceful city and its people go about their everyday business. Curious bystanders on a sidewalk glimpse a shimmering purple light, which suddenly expands into tall pillar that reaches up to the sky. Screams erupt from the people as the pillar of light takes flight, absorbing everything in its destructive path. A tower clock dings the hour of 4 o'clock as the pillar desintigrates, leaving behind a trail of cybernetic residue and utter emptyness.


"Lets go! Plug-in, Rockman.EXE! Transmission!"

Rockman.EXE: The Movie - The Beqeathed Program of Light and Darkness!

At a bustling amusement park, Netto and Rockman are participating in a Net Battling tournament. Rockman is faced up against an opponent by the name of Footman, while Netto operates against the navi's small owner, Minarai. It doesn't take long for Rockman to lay an onslought of attacks upon Footman, and soon enough he's declared victorious.

Meiru flying glomps into Netto, much to a jealous Dekao's dismay. Off in the distance, a familiar voice is yelling out attacks left and right during another battle. It's Dingo and Tomahawkman! With a quick "Tomahawk Swing!" and a "Tomahawk Rolling!", Dingo and his navi sweep the battle effortlessly.

After the first round is completed, Netto and his friends take a casual stroll outside in the midst of the amusement park. They admire how huge the place has become, gazing out at the multitude of rides and rollar coasters. Tohru mentions that he would like to go visit the "battles" taking place on the first floor, seeing as he still has some time left before his own navi match. It turns out he and Meiru will have their turns later in the day.

Dingo has other ideas in mind however, as he grabs onto Dekao's rather large arm to drag him off to the food eating matches. Dekao screams out Meiru's name as he's hauled off without a choice. Meiru, Netto, Chisao and Tohru simply wish them well, and remind Dekao and Dingo to meet up with them again later.

Another faint scream is suddenly heard from overhead, and Tohru wonders if that could have been their dear friend Higure-san. Indeed, the poor chip otaku is frantically yelling aboard a roaring roller coaster, while Shuuko flails her arms above her head in excitement. As they speed along upside down, Higure's PET slips out of his pants, and straight into the lake far below.

Netto and his remaining friends venture off towards the battles on the ground floor, and end up wandering through a strange area full of costumed people. Netto whispers to Tohru that it looks as if they've been surrounded by space aliens, but Tohru just responds that this certain area is holding a convention for a popular sci-fi show. Coincidently they run into their teacher, Mariko-sensei, who is also dressed very strangely. The kids call out to her, but she corrects them with her new fan-made name, "Hyo Khan".


In the middle of the sea, a large tanker boat is heading towards shore. Before it can reach home however, another bright pillar of light tears right through the middle of it, leaving behind only a wreckage of destruction. The pillar of digital light doesn't stop there - it continues right on to the mainland. Citizens flee in terror of the unknown threat, as it digitizes absolutely everything it comes into contact with. As the pillar fades away, a series of engraved symbols where it had travelled its path can be seen from a bird's eye view above the city.

Inside the Science Labs, Yuuichirou Hikari and Meijin are analyzing the latest attacks. Meijin reveals that the same occurances have created havoc in Ameroupe and Kingland. It is labeled as a "large-scale dematerialization phenomenon". Yuuichirou requests a close-up look of the damage on their moniter, and realizes that everything the pillars have touched have been transformed into network data.

A sudden realization triggers a thought in Yuuichirou's memory, and he demands a satellite view of the Earth. As they wait for the image to download, Yuuichirou begins to feel very troubled. Could it possibly be what he fears? As soon as the image uploads to the monitor, Yuuichirou's eyes widen in shock. "Spectrum...." he whispers, "....the Wily Program has begun operation!"


"Go! Bometeus Steel Dragon!"

Chisao gleefully watches the Duel Masters battle tournament comencing on the first floor, along with Netto, Meiru and Tohru. Netto's PET suddenly begins to ring, and Rockman alerts him that he has a waiting call. Annoyed to be interrupted, Netto pulls out his PET, then looks down at his navi on the screen. "It's an emergency call from the Science Labs..."

Sure enough, Yuuichirou's image appears on Netto's screen shortly after. "Papa!", exclaims Netto, obviously surprised. His father instructs him to head over to Trident Tower immediatly, though does not explain the reason why. Netto asks where it is, and Rockman points out that it is the famous IT company, named Trinity Brain. It just so happens that it can be seen from the amusement park, so it shouldn't be too far. Telling him to hurry, Yuuichirou abruptly disconnects their call. Netto apologizes to his friends, then wishes Meiru and Tohru luck in their upcoming battles before running off.

Back in the Science Labs, Yuuichirou is working diligantly at the computers, asking for all information on Trinity Brain. By his side, Meijin is absolutely clueless as to what is going on. It appears that Spectrum was only a fabled rumor, said to have the power to perfectly manipulate the real world and cyberworld. Meijin demands some answers, but Yuuichirou is too busy to give any at the moment.

Indeed, even more attacks are springing up once again! Choina is now under attack by the pillars of light, its people fleeing in terror. Yuuichirou asks if his son has arrived at Trinity Tower yet, but it appears the poor boy is stuck in traffic. Becoming too impatient to wait for his taxi to get there in time, Netto pays the taximan then runs from the car. Netto clips on his rollar blades, then zips through the streets, apologizing to anyone in his way.

Rockman guides him through a shortcut, leading him ever closer to Trinity Tower. Meanwhile, Netto's PET begins to ring again, signaling another call from his father. Rockman answers for him, allowing Yuuichirou to instruct them to plug-in directly into Trinity Brain once they reach the tower. Finally, Yuuichirou tells his son that the world is being threatened by a wide-scale dematerialization phenomenon. Once Netto can plug Rockman into the Trinity Brain system, he must then destroy the Hikari Tadashi Program. It appears this is the only way to stop the Wily Program's Spectrum!


Back at the amusement park, Meiru and Tohru's pair net battle match has finally begun. Their friends cheer them on from the stands, giving out all the courage they need.


Netto arrives at last at Trinity Tower, and issues his Net Savior liscense to the receptionist as he plugs Rockman directly into their system. The men controlling the Trinity Brain system notice the intruder at once, and prepare to stop him at all costs. Inside the cyber world, Rockman runs forward until he reaches the security firewall. Normally a Net Savior would need a commission to pass through, but there's simply not enough time. Netto decides that Rockman must instead forcibly break through it.

Netto quickly activates the Program Advance, "Infinity Vulcan!" Firing out a rapid burst of shots, Rockman breaks through the massive firewall rather easily. Spotting their destination ahead, Netto then slots in the Gyro Soul Unison chip, transforming his navi. Rockman uses the newly accustomed propellers on his back to fly through the hole in the firewall, and moves on.

In the control center, the men activate the security system inside the firewalled area. The cheif is suddenly notified of a call from the Net Police, where Commissioner Kifune comes into contact. Kifune begins to fill the men in on the dire situation they have been placed in.

In the cyberworld, Gyro Soul Rockman approaches a deep tunnel, which leads into the depths of Trinity Brain. Netto instructs him to dive in, which is obeys. As Rockman is decending, the final security program suddenly boots into action, creating a strong forcefield to bar their way. Netto reacts with haste, slotting in the fiery Salamander chip to envelope Rockman completely, allowing him to burst right through.

At the Science Labs, Yuuichirou is closely watching their progress on his monitors. One of the other attendants quickly alerts Yuuichirou to an alarm - another intruder is quickly approaching Rockman from behind! Indeed, Rockman is quickly taken over by the emense amount of energy, and both himself and the intruder crash into the final destination below.

Slowly the smoke begins to clear, and we see the mass amount of ruble and destruction from their impact. Rockman painfully gathers his bearings as he leans against a pile of rock, with no knowledge of who or what struck him. As he looks forward, Rockman suddenly reels in shock at the sight of his opponent - it's Forte!

An eerie purple glow is cast upon Forte's dead set eyes and the star jewel upon his helmet. Yuuichirou and Meijin don't understand how Forte could be before them, when Slur had thrown him down into the depths of UnderNet. Rockman struggles to his feet, clutching a wounded arm, and murmers Forte's name. The blood thirsty navi leaps forward, thrusting out his "Dark Arm Blade!" with both arms as he goes in directly for the kill.

Seeing no choice but to fight, Netto slots in the Samurai Sword chip, allowing Rockman to par against the incoming attacker. Rockman throws Forte back, yelling at him to not interfere with their mission. Forte remains silent, but flings off a blast of an attack instead as his answer. Yuuichirou yells at Netto that there isn't enough time left, forcing Netto to go further and use the Search Soul Unison chip, so Rockman has better aim at his foe.

Forte screams as he dives straight in at his opponent, but Rockman calmly calls upon his Scope Gun to snipe Forte right through his chest. it seemed, as Forte's body dissappears, and his cloak floats harmlessly to the ground. Netto yells out to look behind him, and sure enough, Forte is there. It's now Rockman's turn to scream as Forte slices right through him with his Hell's Rolling attack at near point blank range.

Rockman falls to the ground, and the Search Soul Unison dissolves away. The small navi finds it difficult to pull himself back up, as he kneels on the ground in pain. Netto attempts to slot in a Recovery chip, but shortly after Forte delivers a forceful kick right to Rockman's head, reeling him backwards again. Seeing his prey defeated, Forte begins to charge his killing blow, the Darkness Overload.

Before he can complete his words however, another form emerges from behind and attacks - it's Colonel! Absolutely enraged, Forte fires off continuous rounds of his Darkness Overload, but Colonel simply slices through each one. "Forte, I will be your opponent!", Colonel demands. The two begin to clash throughout the sky of the cyberworld, Colonel's sword striking against Forte's Dark Arm Blades.

Eventually they land upon the ground once again, and Colonel forcibly grabs hold of Forte. Apparantly he's noticed that Forte isn't acting as himself, in fact he's being manipulated by another force. Refusing to listen to his warning, Forte breaks free and renews another slew of attacks fresh from his blades. Rockman watches on, and finally calls out Colonel's name. "Go, Rockman!", Colonel yells back at him, "Destroy the Hikari Tadashi Program!"

With Forte now distracted, Rockman is free to continue his mission to the core of the Trinity Brain system. However, their time is quickly running out. The pillars of light have now appeared in Densan City - right where Netto is! Rockman finally reaches the core, where he finds the magnificant Hikari Tadashi Program glittering before him. Netto stares at it, stunned by its pure glamour, until his father reminds him that he has to destroy it.

Coming back to reality, Netto instructs his navi that they will rely upon a Program Advance to do the job. Coming back to the very first Program Advance they ever mastered, Netto slots in the Sword, Wide Sword and Long Sword chips. Rockman raises his hands to the sky as a beautiful glowing sword appears at his fingertips. Yelling out "Dream Sword!", Rockman grasps the sword, and flings its enormous power straight at the program itself.

Forte and Colonel burst into the room, just in time to see the program be struck head on by Rockman's attack. Netto watches momentarily as the shards break apart, but is suddenly alerted when screams begin to sound from nearby. The pillars of light are advancing! Netto quickly closes the holographic screen on his PET, and begins to run away. As the boy is fleeing, a feminine yell gains his attention from behind, and he turns just in time to see the receptionist dissolved right into the bright light!

Deep in the cyberworld, Rockman stares at another great amount of light which is now arising from where the Hikari Tadashi Program had once been harbored. Above in the sky, a familiar laugh booms out. "That light!", exclaims Forte, who seems to have come back to his senses at last. "After my fight with Slur....when I was floating in the UnderNet, that light...."

Forte falls silent as the light expands, filling their vision. A gigantic and terrorific beast rises from the depths, bound in chains yet still undeniably powerful. Shielding his eyes, Forte names the new foe who now stands before them, "Nebula Grey!"

As the beast increases its power, Colonel states that it is now far too dangerous to stay. One by one the navis plug out, just before Nebula Gray decimates the entire Trinity Brain system. In the real world, Netto is staring at a wall of pure cybernetic data, left behind by the pillars of light. "What in the hell is Nebula Grey?", he wonders frantically.

Disrupting his state of unrest, Netto's PET begins to ring, and for once it's not his father. In fact, it's his friends! It would seem that Tohru and Meiru have won their match after all. Meiru begins to tell Netto all about it, but suddenly a horrifying bright light fills their vision, and Netto's screen goes completely blank. It takes a few moments for Netto to comprehend the utter devastation which just befell his dearest friends, at the hands of the pillars of light. As the realization hits him, Netto screams out to them, but it's of no use.


Netto resides alone on a couch inside the Net Police headquarters, depressed and silent. Yuuichirou slowly approaches, then sits down beside his son. "There's still hope...", his father reassures him. "There is a way to bring back your missing friends and the city.". With this news, Netto snaps back to attention, and looks up at his father. Yuuichirou smiles, and wraps an arm around the smaller boy. "Don't give up hope until the very end!"


In a musty old apartment, a record player ecchos out a soft tune. The room shimmers with the rays of a past vision from 20 years ago, as Barrel stands at the window and looks out over the city. "Coming back from the future means nothing was changed..." Barrel looks down at his PET, where Colonel resides. He swears the next time they face Nebula Grey, he will go with him, no matter what era it takes place in.


Yuuichirou is holding a conference with Netto, Meijin, Commissioner Kifune and Manabe. Since their situation has become dire thanks to Nebula Grey's release, he feels it is best to enlighten everyone on what is exactly happening. Yuuichirou explains that 20 years ago, his father Tadashi Hikari was researching the method of linking human thought and emotions to a digital network. This revolutionary system was to be called "Spectrum", which may sound familiar.

He was successful in transforming living organisms into data, allowing them to run freely in the cyberworld. Yuuichirou explains that after witnessing the data patterns that the destructive pillars of light created, the program behind the attack was indeed "Spectrum". This special program acheives its power by combining two very specific programs: the "Hikari Tadashi Program" and the "Wily Program". When these two programs are fully combined, Spectrum is powered up to 100%. When this happens, everything the program comes in contact with will be automatically transformed into digital data.

Yuuichirou then reveals that Dr. Wily once worked alongside his father, in a collaboration for the Spectrum program. During this time, Wily accepted a contract from the Ameroupe army, allowing him to pursue other uses for "Spectrum". However, after Wily left, the main project was broken up and abandoned. The Hikari Tadashi Program was placed under a new sponsor, and was reconfigured to be the main core of the Trinity Brain system.

With the technical issues finally explained, Kifune reminds the doctor that they still must deal with Nebula Grey. Unfortunately, Yuuichirou does not know exactly who or what the terrorfying beast is. However, he believes that Nebula Grey is not yet complete, and thus can still be destroyed. Meijin wonders why Yuuichirou would think this, so he further explains.

Yuuichirou believes that Tadashi would have known that something like this may come to pass in the future, so he made sure that the initial Hikari Tadashi Program was incomplete. Nebula Grey, which had been trapped inside Spectrum all this time, would eventually try to gain its own ultimate power. When this happens, the entire world would be turned completely digital, then warped into a giant cyberspace.

Even those the situation looks bleak, Yuuichirou reminds them that they still have enough time to destroy Nebula Grey. He then asks of Commissioner Kifune to pin-point the location of the Wily Program, so they may find Nebula Grey's initial source of power. Kifune agrees to do so, but he wonders how they will take care of the beast once they find it. For that task, Netto claims all responsibility.

Netto swears he will save his friends, and looks down to his PET for his navi's agreement. However, Rockman is brooding too deeply to pay attention. Netto asks what could be bothering him so much. Rockman looks up, and mentions a time when Forte had been seeking his Ultimate Program, to become more powerful. "What if I give Forte my ultimate program....then we could defeat Nebula Grey-"

"What the hell are you saying?!", Netto blurts out. "If you lose your Ultimate Program, you'd disappear!"

The two begin to argue, but a sudden rumbling in the ground interrupts them. The room's attendants step back in shock as dimensional converters begin to appear out of nowhere! In the center of the room, a new pillar of purple light erupts, and a familiar form appears in its midst. That booming laugh sounds out again - it's Dr. Regal!

Netto yells out as Regal quickly grabs hold of Yuuichirou, ensnaring him in his unyielding grasp. The doctor's glasses clink to the floor as he struggles against Regal's arm, unable to break free. Netto glares at his father's captive, stating that he and Rockman had defeated him back during the time of Nebula's reign. Regal confirms it, but explains that his body had simply turned to data instead of being destroyed, and was cast down into the UnderNet.

However, thanks to this incident, Regal came into contact with the dormant Wily Program, which had been lost in the UnderNet as well. Fusing his own body's data with the program, Nebula Grey was born! Because Regal is in sense Nebula Grey's very own core, he is still not yet complete. He needs the remaining portions of the Hikari Tadashi Program in order to complete his evolution, for which he will need Yuuichirou's assitance.

Ordering Yuuichirou to return with him, a bright glowing light envelopes both of them. Netto screams out to his father in despair, but Yuuichirou only orders his son to hurry and destroy Nebula Grey for the sake of the world. Netto reaches out to him, but the two men only dissappear as the light fades. With not only his friends gone, but now his father as well, Netto collapses to his knees, yelling out "Papa!" one last time.


A helicopter surveys the latest damage left behind by the pillars of light, which had carved their way through the city. Inside the aircraft, a rather annoyed Netto asks his old friend Charlie where he is taking him. Charlie just smiles and whistles, responding that he's been hired to "deliver" the boy. When asked by who, Charlie just smiles again.

Arriving at a bridge still under construction, Charlie drops off Netto, leaving him behind. Wondering why Charlie would be crazy enough to leave him in a place like this, Rockman chimes up that a plane is approaching. Netto turns around the other way, and sure enough a rather large plane is heading his way. He stares at it for a moment as it closes in, and realizes only as the plane roars right over his head that it plans to actually land on the bridge.

Netto stands his ground as the plane docks on the bridge, executing parachutes to slow it's speed. Netto turns back around as the back hatch opens up, and an expensive car easily rolls out. Netto is stunned as the car pulls up beside him, and the side window rolls down to reveal none other than Enzan. Instructing Netto that this plane will take them directly to Nebula Grey, Enzan pushes open the car door to allow his friend inside. "To where exactly?", asks Netto curiously. "To the Ameroupe army base, where Wily conducted his experiments twenty years ago," replies Enzan.

Now two friends conjoined on a mission, the plane takes off again with them both in tow. While in the air, a smaller plane meets up with them, and is pulled inside via the bottom hatch. Netto and Enzan go to meet their third companion, who is revealed to be Laika from Sharo! Laika graciously asks Netto to allow him to partake in the upcoming battle as well. "All of the actors are now in place...", states Enzan.

The three boys call in to the Science Labs, where they inform Meijin and Commissioner Kifune about their intentions to infilitrate against Nebula Grey. Kifune orders them to return home, due to the fact that Ameroupe's own army which was stationed at that location was recentely wiped out in their attempt to stop the beast. Enzan reminds the commissioner that they are quickly running out of time, and that the Earth could very well be destroyed if they wait any longer. Laika finishes their argument by giving Yuuichirou credit for their Cross Fusion abilities - it is only right that they should risk their own lives to save him in return. Netto simply tells 'Meijin-san' that they will depend on him to activate the Dimensional Area when needed.

Meijin looks up at the monitor with a smile, "Netto-kun!", he yells out. Netto blinks, and stares back at the scientist questionably. "-san wa iranai!" ("No need for formalities!"), Meijin responds as always. "Leave the Dimensional Area to me!"

Seeing that he is beaten on the issue, Kifune smacks his forehead in frustration. He then turns to his assistant Manabe, and orders her to prepare the search and rescue team for whatever may happen afterwards. "Really....they're such brats.", Kifune mutters.


Deep in the midst of an ocean, a lone island can be seen from a distance. In its center is a large man-made structure, which oddly resembles a wide volcano. As we travel into the inner depths of the structure, Yuuichirou Hikari comes into our view, strapped to an overlarge chair. The man abruptly opens his eyes, and finds himself oddly alone. He begins to struggle against his bonds, until a familiar voice calls out to him, "So, you've awakened, Hikari Yuuichirou..."

"Dr. Regal!", Yuuichirou shouts out angrily. Regal's voice thanks him for his future aid in gaining his final evolution, but Yuuichirou simply states that he has nothing to offer him. Even if he knew how to gain the missing parts of the Hikari Tadashi program, he would never hand it over to the likes of Regal.

Regal's face suddenly appears before him, smiling darkly. "I know precisely where Hikari Tadashi hid the program he entrusted to you...", Regal sneers. He then steps back, and places a headgear upon his captive, which folds over his eyes. Yuuichirou screams at Regal to stop this insane plan, just as the headgear snaps open his left eye rather forcibly.


The plane carrying Enzan, Laika and Netto is finally reaching its destination. Enzan plugs his navi Blues into an armored car, which will drive them into the base later on. Before that however, Enzan has a few new presents to offer to his partners. Opening a breifcase upon his lap, Enzan reveals the latest developments in the support tools used to accompany their PETs. Enzan hands the grip and scope to Netto and Laika respectively.

The boys snap on the attachements as the back hatch of the plane opens wide, revealing the ocean beneath them and a view of the approaching island. The car drops down into the water, where is easily glides upon inflated tubes.

Back in the Science Labs, Meijin is informed that the boys are now closing in on the island's base. True enough, the hovercraft type car docks onto the sandy beach, and continues its journey onto land. As soon as it passes the gates of the military compound, a laser fires out of nowhere, destroying it completely!

Thankfully, Enzan had pulled Blues out of the car's system just before impact. The three boys watch the flaming wreckage from their hiding spot on land, while Enzan whispers "That was surpisingly quick..." An army of mechanisized Dream Bits appear in their view, ready to attack anything within their range. It appears that Nebula Grey has turned the army's own mecha against them, by over writing their operating systems.

As they discuss the situation, one of the Dream Bits homes in on their location, and begins to advance. Netto notices this, and quickly calls in to Meijin to activate the Dimensional Area. One by one, Netto, Laika and Enzan pulls out their PETs, and brace themselves for the battle ahead.

"Synchro Chip, slot in! Cross Fusion!"

The Dream Bits fire their lasers in the direction of the boys, but as the smoke clears all three Cross Fusion members jump clear of the destruction. Slinging off a Rock Buster, a Sonic Boom, and a Scope Gun, they make quick work of the mechas in their path.

As they land on the other side of the fence, the three dart off in opposite directions, to clear out more of their enemies. A trail of smoke and fire is left in their wake as they easily destroy them. At the entrance of the main building, they meet up once again, and head directly inside.

As soon as they step indoors, the lights are blacked out when the doors clammor shut behind them. Laika warns Netto to pay attention to what lies ahead, which just happens to be hundreds upon hundreds of mecha Dream Bits. The three boys are cornered together as the mecha advance, and they soon find themselves completely surrounded.


Yuuichirou remains imprisoned in his chair, his voice screaming out in anguish as a laser penetrates deep into his left eye. A mechanisized sphere encloses around him entirely, his yells becoming muffled as it snaps shut. As soon as the locks are set in place, the entire military base springs to life, becoming energized by the nearly complete Spectrum program. Nebula Grey's form appears at the very top of the volcano-like building, raising his thick arms to the sky as he bellows out in anger.

At the Science Labs, one of the workers realizes that a giant distortion of space-time has engulfed the entire island. Inside the military building, Enzan, Laika and Netto are frantically blasting away at their mecha opponents. Realizing they are now running short on time, Enzan orders Netto to run ahead of them, and defeat Nebula Grey. Giving both Enzan and Laika his thanks, Netto runs ahead as they cover his escape.

Netto soon reaches the inner sanctum of the building, and runs along the inner wall, desperate to find a path that leads to Nebula Grey, as well as his father. Deciding that his answer lies higher up in the building, he turns a corner to take the stairs. However, a strange shifting of lights barrs his path. Confused as to what he's seeing before him, Rockman pipes up that it must be a distortion of space-time. Sure enough, two scientists seemingly walk right though him, as if they were holograms.

Twenty years in the past, a younger Dr. Wily is experiencing the same distortions at the military base. He realizes then that someone in the future has activated the Spectrum program in the exact same location. Further down in the building, a portal has opened up between the two eras. Two workers yell out as "Colonel" Barrel runs past them, and dives straight into the portal! On the other side, now in Netto's time era, Barrel breathes heavily as he stops to catch his breath. "So this is the future...."


Deep in the building's cyberworld, Regal reforms his body and gazes upon the Spectrum's core program. "I will finally achieve my ultimate evolution!", he states as be begins to laugh insanely. As Regal celebrates, poor Yuuichiriou is still screaming in pain as his eye is relentlessly violated by the laser.


Netto is still running along his path, determined to put a stop to Regal. A sudden rumbling alerts him to a new threat however, and soon after an overlarge and purple Dream Bit blocks his way. Netto forms the Rock Buster on his right arm, but the firepower doesn't even dent the mecha's armor. Resolving to use his battle chips, Netto activates both the Wide Sword as well as the Fumikomizan, teleporting himself at light speed with the blade directed for an attack. As Netto strikes head on, the sword shatters on his arm, and the boy is roughly thrown backwards.

"They're strong...", mutters Netto, as he glares at the mecha before him. Far below him on the ground level of the building, Enzan and Laika are battling to survive against their own army of mechas. Laika complains about the sheer number of them, but Enzan reminds him that Netto is most likely facing worse dangers.

Unfortunately, Enzan is quite right, as Netto finds himself brutally sideswiped by the mecha's large arms, and knocked into a wall of cement. Grunting in pain, Netto calls upon the Bamboo Lance chip, which impales the mecha right through its midsection and destroys it. Netto stumbles forward from the wall, just as the emblem on his chest begins to glow. While he won the battle, the mecha's damage had taken its toll upon him, and he falls out of Cross Fusion.

Netto's PET clatters to the ground, forcing him to run after it. Before he can reach it however, yet another large mecha falls into his path. Netto looks upwards at his attacker, absolutely terrorfied and helpless. He raises up his arms in defense as the mecha begins to move in for the kill, but all motions are brought to a hault rather abruptly. A curious stranger stands atop the mecha, a steel pole in his hands. "After all these, you should have found their defect by now!"

Netto gazes on as the man confronts yet another mecha, nimbly dodging its attacks. He quickly vaults on top of the machine, then stabs through its neck with the steel pole. "This is their weak spot!

Netto stares dumbfounded, until the stranger urges him to hurry and follow him. Netto nods, and runs to the mans side as they begin to flee from a rather large group of the same mechas. Curiously, Netto asks how he could have possibly known his name, when they have never met before. The man doesn't answer, but instead plugs in his navi "Colonel" into an approaching door's system. "Colonel?", responds a surprised Netto.

The two of them take a quick right turn, and the door closes behind them, leaving them safe for now. Finally, the stranger introduces himself to the boy. "My name is Barrel.", he says as he plugs out Colonel from the door. "Barrel-san?", Netto responds, still a little confused. It is then that Rockman finally adds his voice to the conversation, "The one who's always saving us - Colonel!"

The two then notice the mechas beginning to cut their way through the door with their lasers, so Barrel urges them to continue their escape. As they are running, Barrel begins to explain to Netto just why exactly Dr. Regal had to take Yuuichirou captive against his will. It would appear that Hikari Tadashi planted a special retinal pattern code in his own program. Each person has a unique retinal pattern, much like a finger print. The Hikari Tadashi Program was altered so that it would only be complete when the retinal pattern of Yuuichirou's left eye was added to its coding.

Netto finally understands the situation, but that leads him to wonder why Barrel would know all of this. "Dr. Wily was the one who knew," he responds. "But that was twenty years ago...."

Considering their conversation finished, Barrel hurries them towards the central tower, where Nebula Grey resides. The two begin to cross a long bridge, but suddenly find a hoard of mechas in their way. Not only in front of them, but behind them as well, making it impossible to retreat. Barrel looks up in horror as he realizes the mechas are also clinging to the underside of the bridge above them.

One of those mechas soon fires its lasers, and slices directly through the bridge in which Netto and Barrel were standing on. Netto screams as he begins to fall, but is saved when Barrel catches him, then uses a wire device to stop their descent. Netto stares at the darkness below them as Barrel swings them both to the side of the tower. The boy's eyes open wide with shock as Barrel unemotionally reports their chances of dying at one in seventeen. With Netto rather speechless, Barrel orders Colonel to pull them up back to safety.


Inside his mechanical sphere, Yuuichirou is still screaming in pain, his face beaded with sweat. His anguished voice can now be heard even outside of the steel walls. Netto and Barrel finally barge their way into the room, having reached their goal at last. Netto immediatly recognizes his father's voice, and rushes towards the steel ball which has imprisoned him. The boy bangs on the sphere with his fist, yelling out for his papa, but it does no good. Barrel then instructs him to plug in to the system directly, where they will most likely face Nebula Grey.

The two plug-in their navis, allowing Rockman and Colonel to arrive in the military base's main cyberworld. Rockman notices an immense amount of energy being drawn in a certain direction, which must indicate the location of Nebula Grey. Before they can advance however, a gooey pair of monsters form out of the ground, and attack them!

Rockman punches through his opponent with the Rock Buster, but the goo of a being just reforms his body back into place. Seeing no end of the monsters, Colonel orders Rockman to go ahead of him while he holds them back. Telling Rockman to defeat Nebula Grey, Colonel swings out his Screen Divider attack, clearing a path for the smaller navi to run through.


The military base begins to break itself apart as Nebula Grey nears its final evolution. Enzan and Laika, who are still fighting the mechas, stop momentarily as they wonder what in the heck is happening around them. Giant purple balls of light form on all sides of the island, then rapidly fire out, forming the terrorfying digital pillars of light. Cities around the world become under attack once more as the pillars begin to dematerialize everything in their paths. The Earth is nearing its complete destruction!


Rockman enters the final chamber, which is glowing with a sickly purple hue. The small navi stops in his tracks as he stands before the immense core which is Nebula Grey's main power source. The beast itself appears at the very top of the volcano-like building, raising his thick arms to the sky as he bellows out in anger.

In front of Rockman, Regal slowly reappears, laughing as he always does. "You're too're far too late, Rockman!", he claims. "In ten more minutes, my final evolution will be complete, and the world shall end!"

Rockman lowers his gaze, glaring at the mad scientist before him. Before he can act however, a flaring ball of energy narrowly misses his head, and strikes the forcefield around Regal. As the smoke clears, Rockman is utterly shocked to see Forte by his side!

"Dr. Regal!", Forte screams out, obviously angry. "How dare dare you use me, who despises the mere thought of humans....UNFORGIVABLE!" Forte raises his arms above him, and flares out his Darkness Overload attack from his fingertips. As the attack strikes Regal's shield, Rockman calls out to Netto for aid as well. Netto hears his plea, and slots in the Vulcan chip, allowing Rockman to attack as well.

As the smoke and debris clears once again, Regal reappears unharmed. Laughing at their feeble attempts, Regal begins to lift himself directly up into Nebula Grey's core. Forte curses, and blasts a hole directly into the core's sheild, allowing him to follow Regal's path. Yelling after Forte, Rockman jumps up, following as well through the gaping hole.

Inside the core, Forte is furiously slicing away at a tangle of wires threatening to capture him. With a sword on his arm, Rockman is also struggling to survive. Netto calls out to his navi, but his sort of battle chips are of no use against the neverending forrest of wires. Watching safely from above the two navis, Regal laughs once more. "If you really want to get to me...allow me to dismantle your data, so you can become a part of me!"

Rockman has but a moment to take a breath before a giant hand of wires grips him hard, picking him up off the ground. Forte suffers a simular fate, and the two find themselves captive and unable to fight back. The two hands entertwine into one giant ball, forcing the navis in a joined prison of wires. Netto calls out Rockman's name repeatadly, but he can no longer reach his navi.

Together, Rockman and Forte continue to struggle against their bonds, but as the wires begin to dig into their skins, they quickly find their energy levels dropping. Slowly, the two navis begin to loose their will of stength, and are on the verge of losing conciousness. Every part of their bodies begin to transform into stone, as Nebula Grey absorbs their data piece by piece.

Wincing in pain, Rockman softly calls out to Forte. The dark hearted navi beside him snaps his eyes back open, and glances over at Rockman. "Use...use my ultimate program...You wanted to use my ultimate program to transform in an ultimate being..." Rockman whispers, barely able to talk. Forte stares wide eyed at his sworn enemy, unbelieving his words.

Netto grips his PET, his own eyes wide with fear. "What are you saying, Rockman?!", he yells out. Rockman ignores his operator, his sight fixated on Forte. "Hurry...", he mumbles. "At this rate...the world will be destroyed. The Earth...the people...and Netto-kun!" Netto yells out to his navi once more, but his words go unheard. Nearly completely transformed into stone, Rockman continues his plea to Forte. "This can...maybe defeat...Nebula Grey!"

Now screaming at his navi to stop what he's saying, Netto finds himself powerless to reach out to him. Instead, Rockman only urges Forte on once again, telling him to hurry. Needing no reason to be told once more, Forte grins and reaches out his greedy hand, stating with glee, "As you wish!"

Screaming at the top of his lungs, Netto can only watch as Forte grasps the emblem upon Rockman's chest, and takes a firm hold. Rockman yells out in anguish as the stone shatters away from his body, and an enormous amount of light envelopes them both. As Forte absorbs Rockman's program, he soon begins to scream along with him. "This...incredible energy...! You...can't ultimate program...!" With those final words, Forte's entire body is bound tightly by the blinding light.


As massive amount of goo pours out of Nebula Grey's core, washing over everything in sight, including Colonel. The tall navi looks back to where the goo came from, and notices for the first time a small ball of light floating down. The golden ball pulsates with energy, then splits apart to reveal someone entirely new residing inside. Slowly, we look upon this newly formed being, who is looks like a strange alteration of Forte with his gold and purple colors. As his eyes open however, they are a startling green, identical to Rockmans. It is the ultimate evolution of style change - Forte Cross Rockman!

Regal descends from the core, rightfully angry. "What are you?!", the mad scientist demands. With these words beckoning him, the new navi spurs into action, flying towards Regal at a frightening speed. The navi strikes Regal's shield, but the rebound of energy punctures the core itself, breaking countless holes into it. Regal clentches his fists in a fury, and glares down at the navi before him. "My vessal is crumbling...! Damn you!"

Regal unleashes all of his power, releasing Nebula Grey's physical form into the room. The gigantic beast grabs Forte Cross Rockman in its fist, but its digital flesh explodes as the smaller navi breaks free. Screaming in rage, Nebula Grey flings a ball of fire, which Forte Cross Rockman nimbly dodges. After side stepping yet another attack from Nebula Grey, Forte Cross Rockman evolves into his silver form, and flies straight in for his own onslought.

Nebula Grey becomes powerless as he is sliced right through by Forte Cross Rockman's Hells Rolling attack, then pelted by his Tri Buster. The navi lands on the ground, and spreads his arms wide as he gathers enough energy for the final blow - the Darkness Overload. Sure enough, Nebula Grey finds himself short a head as Forte Cross Rockman unleashes the massive blast, finishing his enemy once and for all.

The cyberworld goes silent as Nebula Grey crashes to the ground, and slowly melts away to reveal Dr. Regal's beaten body. Breathing heavily, Forte Cross Rockman finally collapses to his knees, then falls face down to the floor. Netto calls out to his unconscience navi, just as the doors to the sphere in front of him open, revealing his imprisoned father.

Absolutely overjoyed to see his father still alive, Netto rushes forward. Barrel slips the visor piece from Yuuichirou's head, and gently shakes him awake. Yuuichirou slowly opens his good eye, and reaches a hand up to touch his son's cheek. "Netto...?" Netto nods with tears in his eyes. "That's right, papa!", he confirms. Yuuichirou smiles then, obviously relieved. "Netto...."


All around the world, the enviroment is being put back into place as it was before the digital terror began. The cities glitter with a beautiful light, its structures and people being returned to the way they were. Netto's friends look up to the sky in wonder, oblivious to what had happened to them.


Barrel grants his navi a job well done, and has Yuuichirou wrap an arm around his shoulders for support. Rockman however is still not faring so well, as he refuses to answer Netto's desperate calls. Not only is he not responding, but Netto cannot plug him out either!

All around him, the cyberworld is breaking apart into pieces. Still laying upon the ground as well, Dr. Regal swears he will take the one who defeated him along into the darkness. A glowing orb next to Regal explodes into a swirling gate of blackness, absorbing absolutely everything as it sucks it all in. Still asleep, Forte Cross Rockman rises into the air, heading straight for the portal.

"Rockman! Wake up, Rockman!", Netto urges, becoming more and more desperate. Finally screaming his name at the top of his lungs, Forte Cross Rockman opens his eyes, and becomes shocked as he notices the gate advancing towards him. As he rises himself up, his body begins to glow, and both Rockman and Forte are seperated once more.

Rockman looks around himself in confusion, calling out to his Netto. From behind, Forte mutters out Rockman's name, then ruthlessly blasts him at point blank range in order to fling him far away. Rockman screams as he falls, and is logged out insantly from the damage inflicted. Laughing insanely to himself, Forte allows his body to be swallowed by the swirling and everlasting darkness.

In the real world, Rockman is transmitted back to Netto's PET safe and sound. Netto quickly shuts it down into recovery mode, and is instructed by Barrel to follow him towards the exit. The island is slowly crumbling, much like its cyberworld. The final gate to the exit is closing down as the three approach, nearly shutting off their escape. Barrel physically flings out his PET in haste, allowing the steel door to come down upon it. Though it leaves a permanant scar upon the PET's casing, it leaves enough gap from the floor to allow Barrel to lift it back up with his bare hands.

Netto and Yuuichirou crawl underneath the door, reaching the other side safely. Netto urges Barrel to hurry and follow them, but the Colonel merely smiles sadly. "This is where we part ways..." Barrel lets his hands free of the door, allowing it to resume its descent towards the floor. "Next time Rockman's in trouble, Colonel will definately come to help. I'm Barrel the immortal! Until we meet again, Netto-kun...."

With his final words, the door snaps shut, sealing off their fate. Netto, still on his knees, cries out to Barrel in a pained voice. However, he and his father must still escape while they can. Enzan and Laika finally meet up with them once more, and help direct the two towards the final exit.


Upon a small raft in the ocean, Netto, Yuuichirou, Enzan and Laika watch as the island explodes in a series of small eruptions. "The bequeathed Program of Light and Darkness is gone...", Yuuichirou quietly admits. Turning his gaze back to the three boys next to him, he gives a pleased expression. "Enzan-kun, Laika-kun, Netto....thanks to you, the Earth has been saved." Looking last towards his son, Yuuichirou smiles. "Thank you."

Enzan and Laika smile back, obviously happy that their mission was a complete success. From inside Netto's PET, a reawakened Rockman softly calls Netto's attention. "Back then, Forte....", Rockman murmers, confused. Netto has no answer for him, disbeleiving that Forte could have actually saved his navi from the gate of darkness.

Breaking the two from their thoughts, Laika announces the arrival of the relief team, flying in by plane. Netto looks up to the sky, and realizes it must be Commissioner Kifune. Overjoyed, Netto stands up recklessly in the raft, flailing his arms. Cheering enthusiatically, Netto yells out at the top of his voice.

"We did it! Commissioner Kifune! Manabe-san! WE DID IT!"

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