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Every new season of Rockman.exe has introduced a new version of the handheld PET, or PErsonal Terminal. Each one of these mini computers holds a Net Navi inside, who helps the operator navigate its functions. In Netto's case, he of course holds Rockman.exe. We've decided to go into each type of PET in depth, to help everyone understand the changes and new features in each. Enjoy!

Plug-In PET

The type of PET you see in the first season of Rockman.exe, is actually the second generation of PETs to exist. Originally, the PET was more like a mini laptop in style. Netto held the screen portion up by holding a handle (simular to the extendable handle in the BN3 PETs), and then a keyboard was attached to the opposite side of the screen. This version lasted through the first two Battle Network games, and was adapted in the beginning of the manga. However, the anime introduced Version 2 of this PET, which is the one you see here.

This cute styled personal terminal, called simply "PET", features an extendable handle for a better grip and a large screen which portays the operator's navi. The operator can "Plug-In" their navi to the internet by extending the cable which is stored from inside the PET, and plugging it into a jack-in port. If the cord is ever pulled out forcibly, the navi will return instantaneously to its home PET. The battle chips are slotted in on the right side, and are discarded through on exit on the back left side.

There are only two different colors featured for this PET, blue and red. Red of course was given to Enzan, seeing as it has quickly become his trademark color. For everyone else, including Netto, blue was made the default hue.
Advanced PET

Enzan's hardware company, IPC, devlops this new brand of PET which debuts in the first episode of Rockman.exe Axess (The PET upgrades are not explained in the game versions, so I will not mention those). Featuring upgraded processing power, a much sleeker (and smaller) design, and a laser plug-in capability - operators were more than happy to change over from the old PET.

As mentioned, a cord is no longer needed to plug-in an operator's navi to the internet. The Advanced PET features a flip-open cover which gives the operator access to slot-in their battle chips. The chips themselves are inserted into a slot on the top of the PET, and exit the same way. With this PET and the Synchro Chips, the ability to use Cross Fusion is also introduced, allowing the operator to merge with their navi in the real world. In this season, only Netto and Enzan are granted this ability, discluding those who depended on Dark Synchro Chips to acheive successful Cross Fusion.

Unlike the previous version of the PET, the Advanced PET can be customized to fit your navi's color scheme. As such, every PET is colored differently.
Advanced PET II

This PET was unique in the fact that Netto was the only one to receive it. In an incident involving Misaki Gorou and Nebula, Netto's Advanced PET becomes heavily damaged. It becomes a slow process to restore Rockman back to health, so in the meantime Yuuichirou Hikari develops a new PET that will help Netto in his battle against Nebula and the Dark Chips specifically.

This technology causes great concern for Nebula, and they try all that they can to destroy it. In the end however, Rockman is revived, and the Advanced PET II falls into Netto's safe hands. With the new upgrade, Netto's powers in Cross Fusion are increased considerably, and he receives special defenses against the effects of Dark Chips and their destructive auras. This feature will become a highly important factor towards the end of the Axess series, when one of their own becomes engulfed with a Dark Soul.
Progress PET

This new style of PET that debuts in Rockman.exe Stream goes far beyond the previous versions, both in style and features. Instead of featuring the vertical design of the Advanced PET, it's now more flat and horizontal, asking to be held with both hands. When activated, you may choose to portray your navi before your eyes on a holographic pop-up screen, which is also touch sensitive. Instead of slotting in chips manually, you can now simply pick your choice on the screen, and drag it over to your navi's image, activating it instantly.

However, if you wish to be more old fashioned, you can still slot-in the battle chips normally through a slot on the right side. Again, like the Advanced PET, each operator can have their PET custom colored to fit their navi's theme.

When Enzan and Netto receive their new Progress PETs, their Cross Fusion designs are also upgraded and altered. Rockman.exe Stream leans heavily on the topic of Cross Fusion - so much so that an entire team is assembled in order to protect the world. Up to 13 individuals receive Synchro Chips of their own.
Link PET

This is the newest version of the PET, which was introduced right away in Rockman.exe Beast. This tiny little thing, which oddly resembles the currently popular iPod, takes another leap in the race of evolution. The new Link PET features an all new way for operators to bond with their navis, as it projects them in 3D via a hologram. The miniature navi can now stand on the desk in front of their operator, or even sit on their shoulder!

The battle chips have been given a new sleek design, and can be slotted in on the top right side of the PET. In Cross Fusion, the user's powers are upgraded yet again, with better speed and capabilities. Most significantaly of note however is the addition of a flight ability - rocket jets are attached directly onto the body at will. For Netto and Laika it is on their backs, while Enzan prefers the bottom of his feet.

Netto's Link PET is given a custom design compared to the others - it's made smaller so he may attach it to a holster that is held onto his upper arm. Otherwise, the remainder of the PETs are colored according to their occupying navi's design.

Very special thanks to PlantmanEXE for drawing these PETs by hand!
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