Narcy Hide of Beyondard

This guy is absolutely impossible to forget, from his annoying laugh to that hideous pink outfit. It's just our luck that Narcy has a parallel twin in Beyondard, and he's still up to no good. This new Narcy doesn't need an evil organization like the Neo WWW to conduct his evil, he can do that just fine on his own. Of course, his navi Videoman is also along for the ride.

Narcy gains his financial income by terrorizing money out of the people of a small onsen city called Amita. By chance, Laika and Dingo arrive at the city, led by an old man called Roushi. Laika and Dingo meet with Narcy when he attacks a restaurant, and they easily send both him and videoman off into the sky (quite literally). Afterwards, Narcy swears revenge and attempts to retaliate, but each time a mysterious wind power sends him away again.

At last, Narcy corners both Laika and Dingo. Just when the fight heats up, Roushi appears with his own navi, the legendary Tenguman! Displaying his astonishing power, Tenguman banishes Narcy and Videoman once and for all, saving the village.

Yay NARCY. :D Who doesn't love PINK!?
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.