Burnerman (Burnerman)

Burnerman is a Dark Loid navi, under the command of Shademan. Burnerman is very unique in the aspect that he is the first navi to be introduced in the anime, before being revealed in the game version (in this case, BN / EXE 4). His operator from the game, Atsuki Himura, is not yet present in the series.

Burnerman is one of those kinds of characters that very much enjoys being evil (having been dubbed by fans as the rabid cupcake). He has many accessable flames on his body, making him a very dangerous foe.

Not only does Burnerman have a fantastic Japanese seiyuu to perform his voice (Miki Shinichirou), but even the dub excelled, as they casted the same man who plays Inu-Yasha (Richard Ian Cox). Yay for Burnerman!

Burnerman is now one of my most fave rockman characters EVER. >:D He reminds me of a rabid Zero!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.