Dark Rockman

And now, we enter into the final stages of this series. Dark Rockman was one of the biggest surprises we came across, though should have been expected, seeing that we dealt with Dark Blues last season. This guy takes some deep explaining, so please be patient and follow along.

This all begins when a phenominon known as a "past vision" allowed the Darkloid Shademan to come back to life....in his mutilated form just before Laserman had deleted him at the end of Axess. To ensure that the Darkloids would rule the future, he implemented his data onto a rocket, and bit Rockman right on the neck with his fangs. Rockman's data became tainted, and when the right moment came, he fully converted to the dark side of himself.

Thankfully for our fellow blue navi, Netto remembers the vaccine chip that they had used on Dark Blues. With Netto's aid, Rockman is able to defeat the darkness, and returns normal long enough to destroy Shademan for good, along with his rocket of Darkloid data. As Rockman made his way back to Netto, a dark aura seperated itself from him, and took off in a blinding flash of light. Mysteriously enough we heard Dr. Regal's laugh in the background.

About 4 episodes later, Rockman suddenly attacks all his friends, nearly deleting them. Later that day, he also nearly robs a bank! These actions land Rockman in jail, much to Netto's anguish. As the two find themselves alone together, Rockman begs Netto to delete him before he can do any more harm. But Netto refuses....until he realizes that the Rockman in front of him, really isn't Rockman at all.

Indeed, the sinister navi reveals himself to be known other than Dark Rockman! The REAL Rockman became trapped deep in the internet, where he is being attacked by a new hoard of Darkloids; Swallowman, Blizzardman, Cloudman and Cosmoman. All under the direct orders of Dark Rockman himself.

Netto and Rockman manage to escape their wrath...for now. It's up to the end of the series to determine their fate, but you can be sure Dark Rockman is not the worst to come along yet in Stream. The story's not over by a long shot!

Dark Rockman is SEXAH. Hee. This character is utterly awesome to finally have.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.