Fireman (Torchman)

Fireman is Hinoken's Net Navi, and is part of the World 3 organization. Fireman holds an everlasting grudge against Rockman, as he was defeated by him more than once. I really like Fireman's design, it makes him look like a walking blow torch. ^_^; (sadly, I had wrote this last sentance nearly 7 months before Megaman NT Warrior even aired. I can't believe they actually called him Torchman. -_-;;)

Fireman has a long and painful story throughout the EXE series. During the middle of the second season, Fireman is brutally killed by a general from Gospel, Freezeman. In order to salvage what is left of him, Meijin Eguchi helps Hinoken reformat him into an all new navi, called Heatman.

As the series begins to progress into Axess, Heatman has a dangerous run-in with the Darkloid called Plantman, who deals a hard blow to him. As Hinoken tries to save him, the spirit of Fireman re-emerges, and takes over from Heatman completely. In turn, as Fireman returns to take revenge against Plantman, he finds himself on the same side as Rockman. Fighting together at last, Fireman bestows upon Rockman the powerful Fire Soul. With their combined flame, they send Plantman to the graveyard for good.

Fireman shows no mercy in battle, even when battling a girl.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.