Forte (Bass)

Forte's role in the anime is quite different from that of the games or manga. At the end of season 1, Pharoahman was nearly destroyed by Rockman and Blues, then captured by Wily. After the incident, Wily broke apart Pharoahman's data, and created the Ultimate Destruction Program known as Gospel. However, some pieces of data broke off from the remains of Pharoahman in the process. One of these formed itself into the being known as Forte.

So in sense, Forte and Gospel are like brothers. Forte has the ability to consume data in order to make himself stronger, much like Gospel himself. However, Forte desires the Ultimate Destruction Program, which is embedded inside of Gospel. Forte regains his memories of his past life as Pharoahman through Rockman, thus "awakening" his true self.

After the destruction of Gospel, Forte begins a new journey to gain the last two Ultimate Programs: Rockman and Blues. His lust for power and to be the ultimate navi has no end. Forte disappears for quite a few episodes, then re-emerges at the end of Axess, inside the robotic body of Shuryou. He watches the end of Nebula's reign fall apart, in which he had hoped that the Darkloids would prevail and take over the Earth. When it was proven not to be, Forte crept back to the shadows.

The fourth EXE series, Stream, is where Forte really shines. He finds another worthy opponent, whom he quite possibly hates more than anyone else: the alien navi Slur. When he first meets her in battle, demanding a meeting with the almighty Duo, she pummels him far too easily, and casts him down into the Undernet.

During his slumber in the Undernet, Forte comes across the hiding remains of Dr. Regal, as well as a fearsome program made by Dr. Wily, called Nebula Grey. Regal attempts to control Forte by having him attack Rockman, but his plans are foiled when Colonel steps in. Forte realizes he is being used, and swears revenge against "the unworthy human".

Both Rockman and Forte become entangled in Dr. Regal and Nebula Grey's plot to completely digitize the world, and find themselves in a dangerous trap. In order to save the world, Rockman offers his Ultimate Program to Forte at last, in hopes to give him enough power to stop Regal. With glee, Forte accepts, and ensnares Rockman's body. However, the end result is quite unexpected, as Rockman is somehow transformed into a more powerful state, instead of Forte: thus we get Forte Cross Rockman.

Once Regal is defeated, Forte and Rockman become seperate navis once again. Without much reason, Forte laughs insanely as he throws Rockman to safety, away from the black hole the dying Regal has created. And so, once again Forte vanishes.

At the end of Stream, all seems lost as Duo and Slur prepare to destroy the world. Having never forgotten his burning desire for revenge against Slur, Forte reappears one last time to confront her. This time, the fight is plainly on Forte's side, as he strikes his arm right through her chest. After Slur dies, it is revealed that Forte absorbed the remaining power of Nebula Grey inside the black hole. With this final moment, this is the very last we ever see of Forte.

Forte is so kickarse! Definately my most favourite Navi by far. :)
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.