Gauss Magnets (Gauss Magnets)

Gauss Magnets is the president of a company by the same name, one of the most successful businesses in Japan today. With his wealth he has donated new machinery to Hosiptals, built Theatres and Art Museums, and even donated to charity. However, he has a dark side to him as well as he works for the net mafia known as Gospel. He operates Magnetman and together they create havoc for Gospel's cause.

It should also be known that Gauss is Count Elec's brother, and is considered the 'successful' son of the family. As you can probably guess, the brothers do not get along too well. Not only that, but he also surprisingly has a daughter, called Tesla Magnets. We have no idea who the mother is, but his daughter is much like her father - evil to the core! Thankfully though, she doesn't like to crossdress, which Gauss has a strange habit of doing.

Gauss' brother Count Elec is so much more interesting. :P Apparantly Count Elec got all the personality in the family.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.