One month after the world is saved from the ultimate judgement of destruction by Duo, two cyber beasts appear out of seemingly nowhere, and begin to wreck havoc. One, by the name of Falzer, is a graceful bird whose speed is unparalled. The other, by the name of Greiga, is a mighty beast who can shred anything with its bare claws.

These two beasts tear through a portal from the world of Beyondard, allowing them entry into Netto's world. This would bring upon them a war being fought by two sides - each determined to destroy the other. Falzer and Greiga have little concern for what is destroyed in their wake, which turns out to be a big problem for the residents of Earth.

Unfortunately for Netto, these two beasts are not his only problem. Both Falzer and Greiga are accompanied by an army of loyal followers - known as Zoanoroids. Because Beyondard is a parallel world, these Zoanoroids often resemble navis that Netto and the others have faced before.

A war of the utmost threat - a battle between Falzer and Greiga. It's a start of an all new adventure!

Greiga reminds me SO much of Gospel. Then again, I still love Greiga's design and colors!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.