Madoi Iroaya (Maddy)

Madoi is also a member of the World 3, and operates the Net Navi called Coloredman. Madoi is very touchy about her looks, and is very full of herself. ^_^; She also has the most annoying laugh. She doesn't get along with Meiru or Yaito at all, due to the fact that they like to call her an "old lady". People she meets often comment on her heavy makeup. ^_^;

Madoi is one of the core four members of the World 3 organization, which is run by Dr. Wily. After its downfall at the end of Season 1, she and the others of World 3 (minus Wily) open a Curry resturaunt, called Maha Ichiban. It is here where they continue to earn an honest living, though they always swear they will revive the World 3, and take great pride in their master Dr. Wily.

Many people argue with me that the original World 3 members should be placed in the good guys section, but I still believe that these guys would feel miscredited if I did so. They never once denounce their ties with the evil organization, nor are they ever ashamed of it. Therefor, they remain here.

This girl comes across as really annoying at first, her laugh is as obnoxious as Count Elec's. ^_^;
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.