Dr. Regal (Dr. Regal)

This bio contains spoilers all the way through Stream, so please be warned.

Dr. Regal is the top Energy Scientist from the country of Kingland. He visits Hikari Yuuichirou in Japan, to assist in the research of the Dark Loid's Dimensional Converters. He does have his own navi, who is called Laserman.

Dr. Regal is hailed as a great genius and scientist, however there is another side of him that is shrouded in dark mystery, which the Net Saviors are completely unaware of. The rise of Nebula is led by none other than the adopted son of Dr. Wily... Dr. Regal himself. The old master of the original World 3 found both Dr. Regal and Yuriko washed ashore on a beach, after their lives were saved by a being from another world, called Duo. This being, Duo, placed upon them special abilities, to test the race of mankind in order to see if it was worthy of survival.

Of course, Dr. Regal became much like his adopted father, and became corrupted. After the fall of Nebula, Regal becomes digitized and is cast into the unknowns of the internet after his final showdown with Netto and Rockman. While grazing the Undernet, he comes upon an evil program left by Dr. Wily - Nebula Grey. He uses this foul program to attempt to digitize the entire world, but again is foiled by Rockman, as well as Forte.

Not to be undone, Regal returns once AGAIN in Stream, as he commands a small army of Dark Loids, led by the newly born Dark Rockman. His ultimate plan involves utilizing the alien power of Duo, who has returned to Earth after 15 years of absence. By using the Crests of Duo to gain the key, Regal becomes a fearsome monster who ravages against Netto and his friends. However, Duo himself retaliates against Regal's abuse of his powers, and finally kills him.

Dr. Regal is the same from EXE4, however the exact origins of his past differ.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.