Sanukiman (Noodleman)

Tada, it's Sanukiman! Mascot of the ever so popular Sanuki Resturaunt, who even has his own little dance that everyone just -loves- to imitate!

Thus, we have a very wierd navi. Sanukiman's operator is the owner of the Sanuki Resturaunt, who also happens to be very jealous of his next door neighbors Maha Ichiban, the curry resturaunt! Sanukiman is temporarily given to Chisao, Dekao's younger brother, and changes shape to look like a copy of Gutsman. Sanukiman's operator uses Chisao's desire to be better than his brother, and has him attack the "evil aliens" that run Maha Ichiban, ie: the World 3 members. ^_^;

Sanukiman has the unique ability to change his shape, like mentioned above. He can also extend parts of his body to attack as projectiles, since he's pretty much made of goo. This is one of the few navis in the anime that had no appearance whatsoever in the original GBA games.

Yes, I do so think this qualifies as the ugliest navi ever. >.>;;;
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.