Shadowman (Shadowman)

Shadowman is a hired assassin Net Navi, who has been ordered to delete Rockman. His operator remains hidden, and he refuses to tell Rockman who sent him, but he does deny to have any connection to the Net Mafia Gospel. Shadowman is a very strong opponent, and uses his ninja-type abilities to his advantage. He's very quick, can fight with a sword or shurikens, and can make confusing copies of himself in battle.

In Axess, Shadowman becomes delated by Searchman when he attempts to kill Rockman once again. Therefor, when the series reaches the next season called Stream, Dr. Wily approaches the original operator of Shadowman, Dark Miyabi, and offers to restore him. Dark Miyabi accepts his offer, and becomes part of a much deeper plot that involves saving the world from destruction by Duo.

In the end, Dark Miyabi and Shadowman end up on the good side. However, Shadowman will remain here, cause I don't really think he makes a very believable good guy. :P

Yay for Shadowman! I'm glad they decided to include him in the anime, he's one tough cookie to find in the games.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.