Sunayama Noboru

Considering that the word "Suna" means sand, it's no wonder that Slur grants upon him Asteroid Desertman to do his evil biddings. Sunayama is actually the first person we ever see reporting to Tesla, who is in command of the Neo WWW Crime Organization.

Sunayama disguises himself as a television reporter, working for the news station DNN. His "other" job however, is carrying out jobs by request of Tesla Magnets, which first consisted of gathering old objects that once belonged to Dr. Wily. Sunayama is probably considered the first in command among Tesla's followers, and can often be seen recruiting other members for their team.

I think I would have liked Sunayama better as a good guy, it's hard to think he's actually evil. n.n;
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.