Yuriko Oozono (Ms. Yuri)

Yuriko is an agent of crime, working for the the leader of Nebula, Dr. Regal. Currently her job is to spread about Dark Chips to various Net Battlers, who are unaware of their dangerous side effects (they give your navi tremendous power, but yet it turns their hearts evil).

Yuriko often takes the appearance of her twin sister, Mariko-sensei, to thwart the Net Saviors off her trail. She also operates the Net Navi, Needleman. Throughout the Axess series, she slowly regains her original memories of her past. Eventually, at the end of Axess, she and a man she had been aquianted with by the name of Misaki, are thrown over a bridge by another Dark Loid of Nebula - never to be seen again.

Until Stream, anyways. In the 4th installment of EXE, Yuriko returns with the Crest of Duo, which marks her an ally of Netto's. She reconciles with her twin sister Mariko as well, and gains the ability of Cross Fusion to fight against the threat of Duo. This seems kind of ironic, since her supernatural abilities were granted by Duo in the first place long ago. But that's a story better explained by watching the anime itself. n.n;

Yuriko first appeared in the games in BN / EXE 1 as an ex-member of the WWW, playing a very minor role.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.