Zoano Cloudman of Falzer

Just when Netto and the gang are ready to leave the Dimensional Area Laboratory in Beyondard, Zoano Cloudman attacks them with the full force of Falzer's army. Roll, Tomahawkman and Rockman materialize to face the onslaught, but they are soon overwhelmed.

Thankfully, Enzan and Laika convert the generators on the facility into weapons, and are able to fight back more effectively. Unfortunately, as soon as the battle turns to their favor, Falzer himself appears! Iris urges Trill to unite with Rockman, which produces the Greiga Beast Out form. However, even Greiga Rockman falls under the powerful attacks of the giant bird.

Enzan and Laika charge the generators to full power, and somehow manage to crash Falzer out of the sky. Greiga Rockman regains his composure, and Falzer is forced to flee from his revitalized attacks. Calling out desperately to "Falzer-sama", Z Cloudman is powerless as Greiga Rockman attacks him head on, and utterly destroys him permanently.

Cloduman was so utterly useless, it's funny. XD The poor guy.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.