Zoano Darkman of Greiga

Darkman is a newcomer to the anime series, and probably one of the best fitted to be a threatening villain. Like the other Zoanoroids, his primary target is Trill, whom he is the first to call the "Synchronizer" in the series.

Knowing that the Zoanoroids are after Trill, Netto and the others attempt to hide the little navi. However, Z Darkman uses a tracking device that is planted upon Iris' navi to find him, and assaults the hidden base at the Firewall Research Facility with his entire army.

Iris manages to escape with Trill, but Z Darkman materializes into the real world and kidnaps her! With now both Iris and Trill in his clutches, Z Darkman creates a portal called "Fossa Ambience" that leads to Beyondard, where he flees to. The sheer force of the dimensional rift also draws in Netto, Enzan, Laika, Meiru and Dingo - setting them upon an all new adventure, in an unknown world!

This guy sticks around for quite awhile - stirring up a lot of trouble the entire time.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.