Zoano Freezeman of Falzer

We haven't seen Freezeman since the late episodes of the first season, so his reappearance was certainly a welcome surprise. This is also the first time that we see that a Zoanoroid is not subject to having a heart entirely of evil - they can be swayed.

Zoano Freezeman has been set upon the task of completing a special communication device that will pinpoint one of the hidden bases of Greiga. He has a follower of Greiga close on his trail to stop him from succeeding, Zoano Stoneman. During Z Freezeman's journey, he becomes heavily injured during a surprise attack. He quickly escapes, and takes refuge in none other than Iceman, Bubbleman, and Aqauman's secret base!

Iceman finds the injured Z Freezeman in their base, and despite recognizing him as a Zoanoroid, decides to help him. Bit by bit Iceman restores the fellow ice navi back to health, and befriends him during the while. Z Freezeman slowly begins to associate with Iceman, even teaching him a cute little trick of making a pretty ice crystal in his palm.

Iceman completes Z Freezeman's journey for him, finding the last piece for the communication device. Just as Z Freezeman finishes it, Z Stoneman tracks him down and lays upon him a heavy onslaught. During the battle, Z Freezeman takes a fatal wound when he protects Iceman from harm. However, his mission had succeeded, as Z Stoneman is informed that his base has been destroyed. Rockman takes the liberty of finally deleting Z Stoneman himself, and the situation is solved.

Unfortunately for Iceman, his friend eventually dies, fading away into pixels. He keeps safe the treasure that Z Freezeman left behind for him, a beautiful ice crystal that shines in the light.

I was really very surprised in the way that they handled this character. In a good way!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.