Zoano Gateman of Falzer

By now, both Greiga and Falzer have learned that Trill is what they call a "Synchronizer", and has the ability to grant the beastisized powers which Rockman has displayed in past battles. As such, both sides are now determined to obtain Trill for their own purposes.

Zoano Gateman is the first to be dispatched for such a mission. Netto, Meiru, Meijin and Yuuichirou are sent out upon the sea in a research boat, which Z Gateman successfully hijacks. He holds Meiru and Yuuichirou captive inside a submarine which is attached to the ship, and demands for Rockman to hand over Trill to their side.

Although Rockman refuses to hand Trill over, the little navi himself cannot stand to see Rockman, or any others, in pain because of him. Trill intervenes with the battle, and gives himself up to Z Gateman, much to Rockman's horror. Trill believes that Z Gateman will keep his promise of releasing the others as long as he cooperates.

However, Z Gateman has no such notion to keep such a flimsy promise. Trill becomes anguished when Z Gateman only continues his brutal assault against Rockman. Terrified, Trill reaches out to Rockman, and dissolves into a bright flash of light - merging with Rockman! Z Gateman can only watch as Rockman is transformed into the uncontrollable Beast Out Greiga form.

Z Gateman is joined by another of his comrades, Zoano Swallowman, but his "friend" is of no help to him as he departs to track down Iris and her navi instead. Z Gateman finally falls to the unparalled speed of Beast Out Falzer Rockman, and is ultimately deleted.

Finally zomg! Gateman! Gateman! How I love thee! Love!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.