Zoano Gutsman of Greiga

This guy gives 'Gutsman' an all new look that has a far crueler edge than the original. Not only is Zoano Gutsman colored differently, but he's more fierce and holds no mercy for his opponent. The first time he comes across Rockman's friends, he explains his origins from the parallel world called 'Beyondard'.

Z Gutsman is paired up with Zoano Darkman, on a mission to capture Trill. He finds himself opposed by not only Rockman's friends, but also Zoano Snakeman of Falzer as well. Gutsman's rampage is temporarily halted when Yuuichirou time freezes him and Z Snakeman, however he's eventually set free by Z Darkman. Upon his release, he's given a Copyroid to control in the real world.

Unfortunately for Z Gutsman, he becomes the first test subject of Makoto's new Hyper-Magnetron device, built specifically for dealing with copyroids. She and Meijin use the device to assault the weak point in the copyroid, which forces them to self-destruct. With nowhere left to escape to, Z Gutsman is destroyed along with the copyroid.

It's really amusing to see Zoano Gutsman interact with the real Gutsman. XD
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.