Zoano Numberman of Greiga

Zoano Numberman actually has the striking luck of running into his "twin" counterpart in Netto's world. He takes advantage of this by knocking out the real Numberman, and taking his place! It seems Numberman was on his way to visit Rockman at the Science Labs, who has fallen unconscious due to the strain from using the Beast Out powers. Greiga has become interested in how Rockman can obtain such incredible strength.

Zoano Numberman goes undercover with the rest of Rockman's friends, and they arrive at the Science Labs. Shortly after they arrive, the -real- Numberman also shows up, pointing out his imposter! However, Rockman's friends cannot determine who is fake and who is real.

Roll comes up with the bright idea to attack both of the Numbermans, much to the real Numberman's horror. She figures whoever is the Zoanoroid, will use his Beast transformation when he is damaged heavily enough. Sure enough, her plan works to a tee, and Z Numberman is pinpointed easily. With enough brains to realize he is far outmatched, especially when Rockman wakes up towards the end, he is rather quick to flee the scene.

Thankfully Numberman's risky plan was not a total failure. Before he departed the Science Labs, Zoano Numberman learned that Rockman has need of Trill in order to transform. He informs this to his master Greiga, but afterwards is captured by a follower of Falzer, Zoano Gateman. After leeching out this information from his data, Z Gateman brutally deletes the poor Z Numberman.

This guy is hilarious. XD It was so awesome to get a NUMBRMAN episode. Poor dude gets no credit.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.