Zoano Pharoahman of Greiga

When navis begin disappearing all over Internet City, Netto and Rockman are led to the newest follower of Greiga, Zoano Pharoahman. This evil navi is forcibly transforming his "subjects" into loyal followers of Greiga. His power seems to have no limits, as he converts even other Zoanoroids of Falzer, such as Zoano Sparkman!

Rockman confronts both Z Pharoahman and the newly transformed Z Sparkman, but he is quickly overwhelmed. Due to the extreme danger, Trill joins with Rockman, beastizing him into the powerful Greiga Beast Out Rockman. With his new power, Rockman wastes no time in ripping into Z Sparkman (quite literally), resulting in the Zoanoroid's painful death.

Z Pharoahman escapes from Greiga Rockman, but the rabid navi destroys his pyramid. Much later, Z Pharoahman reappears at the gate to Beyondard, where Trill and Iris' navi have gathered. The Zoanoroid attempts to destroy them both, but he is ultimately stopped by Blues, and finally deleted. In turn, the gate to Beyondard closes, sealing off the way home for Trill and Iris' navi.

Pharoahman. :O How curious! He's as full of himself as he was in the original series. XD
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.