Zoano Plantman of Greiga

It's our favorite evil villain, Plantman! This poor guy is one of the biggest fan favorites, and yet the writers always kill him off in the same episode he debuts in. From Axess, to Stream, and finally to Beast - every time Plantman gets the short end of the stick.

Unfortunately, Beast is absolutely no exception. We learn rather quickly that this new version of Plantman, who is from the world of Beyondard, is actually a Zoanoroid. He's a devout follower of the powerful beast known as Greiga, and he's determined to obliterate his opponent from the Falzer side, Zoano Sparkman.

During his battle with Z Sparkman, Netto, Laika and Enzan intervene to stop their destruction which is resulting from their fight. While Z Sparkman manages to escape with his life, Z Plantman is ultimately burned away by a fierce onslaught of fire, deleting him once again. Oh the woe!

Why oh why must the same fate be delved to my beloved Plantman. ;_; Not fair!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.