Zoano Punk of Falzer

This navi was a big surprise to appear, especially considering he is one of Meijin's navis in the game version. It seemed only fitting that Zoano Punk would show up in a Meijin-centered episode! Unfortunately Z Punk's role is vastly different in the anime - this guy is pure evil.

Zoano Punk is dispatched by Falzer to obtain the research being concluded by Meijin's ex-girlfriend, Makoto Aoni. She is currently developing Copyroids - puppet dolls that can be taken over by a navi, allowing them physical access to the real world. Of course, the Zoanoroids know that this is the perfect opportunity and weapon to use for either the Greiga or Falzer's armies.

Although Z Punk is ultimately thwarted by Netto and Meijin, he does succeed in his mission. A truckload of completed copyroids are shipped out to an unknown location, and these "puppets" will become an integral part of the Zoanoroids from here thereafter.

It's too bad Punk doesn't stick around, he would've been a cool character to have be a regular.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.