Zoano Quickman of Greiga

Quickman was another blast from the past - we haven't seen him in over 100 episodes. While the original Quickman belonged to Daisuke and was kind hearted, this new Zoano Quickman is exactly the opposite.

Zoano Quickman is dispatched by Greiga in order to stop Zoano Gateman of Falzer from obtaining the "Synchronizer", otherwise known as Trill. A new contest has begun to see which side can gain Trill's mysterious (and very destructive) powers first. Z Quickman occupies a Copyroid, giving him access to a ship in the real world, where Netto and the others are aboard. In order to protect them all from his attack, Netto uses Cross Fusion and heads directly into battle.

Z Quickman's speed makes him a powerful and dangerous foe, and he wastes no time in gaining the upper hand against Netto. However, from the cyberworld Zoano Gateman sabotages the battle by hitting Z Quickman with an operated machine unawares, allowing Netto to destroy him by surprise.

Even after all this time, Quickman still has the same voice actor from so long ago. ^_^;
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.