Zoano Snakeman of Falzer

Zoano Snakeman's appearance was a surprise, considering we see Ms. Millionaire in Beyondard later in the series. The former operator and navi have no relation in this parallel world, however. Z Snakeman has been ordered by Falzer to capture Trill while in Netto's world. He comes up against Zoano Gutsman and Zoano Darkman of Greiga in a contest to see who can reach the Synchronizer first.

Even though Yuuichirou manages to temporarily trap Z Snakeman in a frozen stasis part of the cyberworld, he eventually breaks free and follows Z Darkman to Beyondard. Z Darkman managed to capture Iris, but she was successfully able to let Trill escape their clutches.

Z Snakeman runs across Netto and Rockman, who were also pulled into Beyondard by mistake, and faces them in battle, thinking they hold Trill. Netto doesn't have the wee navi, but Rockman goes up against Z Snakeman nonetheless. Thanks to Beyondard's strange environment, Rockman materializes into the real world, and literally pummels Z Snakeman into deletion.

He's just as annoying as when he used to belong to Ms. Millionare in the first series. :P
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.