Zoano Sparkman of Falzer

Zoano Sparkman is first discovered when he invades the Science Lab's server, but he's thankfully warded off by Laika and Netto. Zoano Sparkman is the first ever dedicated Zoanoroid to the Falzer army that we meet, and he's no trifle threat to mess with.

It seems Z Sparkman isn't exactly interested in fighting the humans of Earth - rather he's hunting down is own arch nemesis, the loyal follower of the Greiga army; Zoano Plantman. The battle between these two endanger the inhabitants of Earth, however, which means that Netto, Enzan and Laika are forced to stop the both of them. While Z Sparkman manages to escape their onslaught, Z Plantman is not so lucky, as he gets himself deleted.

Z Sparkman returns later when he is kidnaped by Zoanoroid Pharoahman, who forcibly converts his data into a follower of Greiga. Z Sparkman's turned coat doesn't last very long, for as soon as he awakens, he's faced by a beastized Rockman. Sparkman is subject to perhaps one of the most painful deaths ever, as his navi emblem is literally ripped from his chest by Rockman's piercing claws.

Poor Sparkman, the guy just can't get a break. Oh well, I never liked him anyways. XP
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.