Zoano Stoneman of Greiga

Zoano Stoneman has been strictly ordered to delete Zoano Freezeman as quickly as possible. His nemesis is on a mission to locate their hidden base of Greiga, which he absolutely cannot allow. However, Z Stoneman loses track of Z Freezeman after other followers of Greiga finally injure him, and his hunt starts over once again.

During this time, Z Stoneman begins deleting absolutely any navi that is related to ice. It would seem that Z Stoneman's only clue about his opponent IS that he is of the ice element, leaving him in the dark as to what he actually looks like. And so, other innocent navis such as Sherbetman and Yetiman are brutally killed during his rampage. Tohru becomes concerned when Iceman suddenly disappears, so he asks Netto and Rockman to help him find his navi.

It turns out that Iceman has found Z Freezeman first, and is helping to restore him to health. These two fellow ice navis have quickly bonded a strange friendship, which is very unusual for a Zoanoroid. Just as Iceman helps Z Freezeman complete his mission, Z Stoneman finally locates him, and a battle begins.

Unfortunately for Z Stoneman, he receives a transmission from his base during the battle, and can only listen as his homefront is utterly destroyed thanks to Z Freezeman's pinpointing device. Now only attacking in a blind rage, Z Stoneman delivers a fatal blow to Z Freezeman, who was protecting his new friend, Iceman. Shortly afterwards, Rockman finally arrives and deletes Stoneman, but sadly he was too late for Z Freezeman.

Stoneman was animated a little oddly in Stream, but he's much better in Beast. Still don't like his character though. XP
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.