Zoano Swallowman of Falzer

We first met Swallowman as a Darkloid follower of Dark Rockman in Stream, and now he returns as a Zoanoroid of Falzer. Though he was originally dispatched to aid Zoano Gateman's mission to capture Trill, he instead becomes interested in Iris and her mysterious navi.

Z Swallowman engages a dangerous hunt for Iris in the real world, after occupying a copyroid onboard Netto's ship. Netto helps her to flee, but they are soon cornered when there is nowhere left to hide.

Thankfully, Enzan arrives by helicopter just in time, and is able to taunt Z Swallowman into battle. The Zoanoroid puts up a difficult fight against the Cross Fusioned Enzan, but eventually falls to his own demise and deletion.

The beastized version of Swallowman is so AWESOME. You must see to believe!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.