Zoano Whaleman of Greiga

It's hard to consider Whaleman a villain, after we've seen him paired with the ever comical Shiningman so often in the past. However, this new Zoano Whaleman version means serious business, and will obliterate absolutely everything in his way.

Z Whaleman has three painful scars across his nose, which were a "present" from Slashman, Phakchi's navi. This occurred when Z Whaleman attacked her ship, and destroyed it. This resulted in the loss of lives of those who were upon the ship, except for Phakchi, who somehow washed ashore. With no home left to her, she never forgot the Zoanoroid who took away her previous life.

Z Whaleman reappears when a young kid named Kojirou finds Iris' touch pen from her PET, which holds Trill inside. Lured by Trill's aura, Z Whaleman attacks Kojirou's ship, much to Phakchi and Netto's horror. Netto braves the risk of Cross Fusion to save Kojirou and Trill, then knocks back Z Whaleman.

Netto becomes unable to hold the Cross Fusion due to the pain Beyondard's environment inflicts, so it is left up to Phakchi and Slashman to finish off Zoano Whaleman. Phakchi remembers this foe from the last time they met, due to his scars, so she delivers his deletion gladly.

Talk about a 360 in personality. XD Who ever thought Whaleman could be any kind of a threat.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.