Zoano Yamatoman of Greiga

While Netto and the others are making their way to the Dimensional Area Laboratory in Beyondard, Zoano Yamatoman blocks their way. Demanding the Synchronizer as usual, he refuses to leave until Trill is in his greedy little hands.

Z. Yamatoman puts up a tremendous fight, especially when he transforms in his beast mode. He also brings along with him an army of materialized cronies, which attack just about anything in sight. In fact, one of their shots lands itself into the back of Iris, while she was protecting Netto from harm. Despite her pain, she urges Trill to join with Rockman, letting loose the powerful Falzer Beast Out mode.

Z Yamatoman becomes shocked at Rockman's unbelievable power, and is unable to defend himself completely. Shortly after Z Yamatoman is defeated, Iris completely disappears from Netto's arms. What could this possibly mean?

Yamatoman was a strong foe in Stream, and he's just as strong now. Get ready for a fight!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.