Rush Style
By Hardcore Hexcz


A special Style change that I made up from Ideas I saw in the Anime. Back in the Original Rockman and Rush was a team and would combine together to make a stronger version, this is where the idea of Rush Style came to mind. In net battling, Rockman can use a pop-up (Rush) battle chip and turn into Rush Style for his turn. Now Rockman has all the powers Rush had in the anime, to summon black holes that create viruses that Rockman can use to fight against his enemies.

Also with this change, Rockman can charge up to stretch his arms out you give a major smack with his paws (hands, similar to what Toadman does in EXE 2), he can stretch them across the board if needed, and with the style change, he can use his black holes to jump into to avoid major attacks that take up the whole board and also use them like teleportation around to avoid attacks.

Rush Style is only weak against Shadow, Poison, or Sword attacks. The only disadvantage to the Rush Style is Rockman cannot use his Rockbuster as it was turn into Rush's paw that are needed to summon viruses.

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