Seer Style
By PlaguedOne


Multi-elemental - The Seer Style bring Rockman in tune with each of the four major elements. Heat, Wood, Elec, Aqua... all of these give strength to Rockman now Effect: None. Rockman is not considered to be any element for determining if opposite elements to double damage.

Walking the Way - Rockman no longer touches the battlefield. Instead, he now floats mere pixels from the ground by sheer force of will. Effect: Rockman ignores the effects of cracked and missing panels. This means he can move over such panels freely. Moving off of a cracked panel will not cause the panel to disappear. Note that Rockman is still affected by other panel types, such as the benefits of a Holy Panel, or the damage caused by moving onto a Lava Panel.

Farsight - The power of a Seer gives Rockman the ability to gaze into the future. However, the future is uncertain, and there are a myriad of paths that event can take. Accurately predicting the far future become impossible, however, Rockman is able to predict the near-future actions of his opponents, allowing him to strike when it would hurt the most.

Effect: A short time before an enemy is going to move to a certain panel, that panel will flash. This can allow Rockman to time his attacks accordingly. Obviously, this cannot work in netbattles with friends. Instead, a player using Seer Style is allowed to examine the chips his enemy selects for a brief time before each round of combat begins.

Warlock - The powers of a Seer are not limited to precognition alone. A Seer can use his mental power in far more destructive ways. Rockman can channel this destructive energy through his Rockbuster, and then, given further concentration, enhance it through the runes that extend from his back. This power combined with sensitivity to his enemys' movements makes for an impressive attack, able to strike even the quickest of foes.

Effect: Rockman's ability to charge the Rockbuster does not change in Seer Style, with one important exception: The longer you wait, the more powerful your attack will become. Here's how that works. The Rockbuster will charge normally. If you wait even longer, that charged attack will become stored in one of the 4 'wings' of Seer Style. Wait longer, and another charge will become stored. Up to 5 charged shots can be stored in this way, one in each of the 'wings', and a final one in the Rockbuster itself. When you release the fire button with charged shots stored, the stored shots will be converted into a beam of energy. Each beam will automatically target an enemy. These beams do the same amount of damage as a regular charged blast, but will combine if few enough enemies are on the field (IE. 3 such blasts, if they did 20 damage separately, would do 60 damage if hitting a single enemy). However, it takes time to gather energy for such attacks. Rockman's Charge rating is halved (rounding down) while in Seer Style.

Acquiring Seer Style
The following actions figure in heavily when determining whether you generate Seer Style:
- Breaking cracked panels by moving over them.
- Holding charged shots for long periods of time
- The use of elemental chips, Air Shoes, and Anti- chips.
- Time fighting in limited space (IE, broken panels or your area being stolen).

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