Tenshi Style
By Jean

Notes: TenshiStyle is obtained by doing a lot of good things for other people; and doing a lot of errands for other Navis. Using chips like HeroSword and Repair, and the LifeSword Pas also contribute to earning this style.

Description: A style that was previously not known to exist. It has powerful aerodynamic skills, and increases Rockman's speed and accuracy. Due to enhanced programming, TenshiStyle is able to manipulate the Net's data into allowing him to fly. His design is meant to resemble an arch angel. When his wings are damaged, he falls to the ground as is temporarily less stealthy. His wings are a major source of his power, and the halo above his head is the greatest source of power. Seemingly invincible in this Style, Rockman can be knocked unconscious or deleted with a single hard blow to the halo. Such is the price to pay for greatness.

TenshiGuts: Power is maxed out; though rapid cannot be upgraded. Charge, however, can be upgraded. TenshiGuts's charged shot does 100 damage at V1, 125 damage at V2, and 150 damage at V3 (and it's range hits 3 squares in front, instead of two), and it shoots out a piercing ray of light. At V1 and 2, it will only hit two squares ahead, but at V3 it will hit three.

TenshiBrother: Can call on more friends to aid in battle. Like the other styles, it allows you to use more Navi chips.

TenshiShield: Though attack is extremely low, defense of Rock is doubled due to a large barrier of light surrounding him. Attack cannot be upgraded.

TenshiCustom: Major strength is in using chips. Any chips with codes A, N, G, E, and L are automatically converted to *'s. Also, custom bar fills up a bit faster.. Disadvantage is that Attack and Charge are stuck at 3 and cannot be upgraded.

Major advantages: Can float. Cracked and broken panels cause no distraction for the flying TenshiStyle. Also, the effects of being on grass, ice and lava panels are negated.

Major disadvantages: If hit by an electric element, TenshiStyle's wings shut down and are disabled for the rest of the battle. Also, if hit by a Geyser chip, 400 damage is dealt instead of 200 (because of his flying ability).

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