By RollXtremeEXE


-ryouko's helmet is one of the great defenses. it may look small but it is really hard to break. lasers will have to last a long time to break her helmet. her neko ears are for great hearing. if the ears are defeated she would have a hard time to hear where the enemy is and listening to others but she can still hear things. the ears are really easy part to defeat though. but some navis don't know that. ^-^

-the jewel on her forehead is her lifeline. if that jewel gets cracked she will log out immediately. it will take a couple of days to fix. nobody has touched that jewel with an attack because ryouko has a really fast speed to block it.

-her cape is the defense for her. one hit wont do anything, but like the second or third or even more hits it will break. she can take it off its just that you have to repair it after. its will take a few hours to do.

-her battlechip that is the bow and arrow is her master weapon. if she uses any type of sword her speed will lower. her arrow is the blue and green bird like object in her hand. the bird of the arrow represents all the things that have wings and can fly.

-her wings help her glide. she can't fly because her wings don't have enough range to lift. if she takes off a feather from her wing, the feather will turn into another arrow. but it takes like three days to grow back that feather. but it takes off damage from her because she's hurting herself so she doesn't often do that. she does that only for emergencies.

-her pockets on the side on her legs carry jewels that help strengthen any of her abilities. her net off has a program in her pet that makes her carry those. its a rare program to get. you even have to pay for it per month.

-her tail helps her take data from barriers, and other navis. but she's not an evil person, she does that to raise her power for her tail.

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