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From the databanks of Artemis.exe, Datatracking navi #23432

Nobiyuki.exe; boy of destiny

Originally created to be a supporting navi with programming skills, this one decided to re-design and develop itself, Making it possible for him to actually copy and re-use any battle chip that has been sighted. All he seems to do is scan them, and in several seconds, he is able to copy them, and usually upgrade their capacities as well. Program advances can be summoned within seconds, so it's almost certain that he does not have a human operator. He was created at the sci-labs, but because of his ability to evolve, Scientists feared him. He was deactivated and locked for an uncertain amount of time.

During the assault of Shadowman on the Mother computer during the whole "Gospel" ordeal, Nobiyuki.exe was somehow re-activated. This was blocked with several passwords, but apperantly, these were cracked. It's not certain who did this, and nobody actually knows if Gospel created the whole "attack the mother computer" case, just to create a diversion, and to re-activate this navi. After he was able to regain some skills, he quickly removed the locks and destroyed the security system, and made his escape to the cyberworld. Nobody knows about his actual whereabouts, but several navis have said to have spotted him around a forum, where he rarely appears to fix things. He's cleverly hidden himself into this forum's colors to camouflage himself, as well as he has a cloak on the back, which he uses to make quick escapes, when spotted by officials.

Nobiyuki's not a battle type navi, so does not like to enter battles. If forced, he will create or summon an army of his own to do the work for him. Odd pink blobs with cute faces called porings that attack the enemy navi with their cuteness, rendering them to a drooling bunch of empty-headed programs. Not many netnavis out there have survived this elusive spell, and even the legendary "Rockman.exe" has fallen for their cuteness. Nobiyuki has been rarely seen in actual battle. However, with his skills, one would guess battles against him would NOT have lasted long.

The only thing is that offensive battle chips, such as the shotgun, sword and other chips, are not being used on his body, but on a short stick he carries around. My guesses are that he MIGHT not be able to use any offensive battlechips, once this item is removed. Still, breaking through countless aura and barriers still isn't a walk in the park. For the moment, no actual weaknesses are sighted at the moment. Somehow, he seems to be attached to some navi named "Ryouko.exe". I wouldn't consider this as a weakness, but it does show that he does not simply exist to destroy humanity, unlike that orange/black bat faced freak out there.

It's hard to imagine that there's actually a netnavi like that out there, but as long as we stay on his good side, we don't have anything to worry at all.

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