By KitCat



1) Bow
-The bow is her primary/default weapon. The bow, which is actually the pendant on her neck, can grow to a size as large as herself.
-This bow is able to shoot two types of arrows: 1)Energy Arrows and 2)A.H (Ah! Help!) Arrows. The energy arrows are regular, everyday, "that'll leave a mark," arrows. The A.H arrows however, are.... unique to say the least. When the victim is hit, they will soon find themselves with Blues-like here. Thus, as expected, Ryouko will latch onto it in a.... possessive way. (One best have a pair of scissors with them if they do not want this.)
-Thirdly, for close-range attacking with her bow, she can just repeatedly whack her opponent with it.

2) Hair
-Ryouko's hair is as deadly as her bow and herself. With her hair, she can swing it around to entangle her opponent. Then, she can glomp, huggle, or beat to a bulp her opponent to any extent.

3) Insanity
-What can be said? This weapon is totally unpredicatable. This "weapon" usually results in her victim running from her screaming, "NO!! I don't want to [INSERT ACTION ONE WOULD NOT WANT TO DO]!!"

-Seeing as how such a long dress can be such a nuisance, it can be detatched at the "belt." Then, the dress is longer a dress but a large cloth. And what she chooses to do with it is up to her. For all we know, she could parachute off a building for all we know. *Sees Ryouko running towards tall bulding O_O*

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