Majestic.EXE (Ryouko)
By AquaRockX


Mystic Saber - Majestic slashes anyone on the front row for 150HP damage. The same range as the wide sword.

Reflection of Desire - Majestic blocks an attack and 15% chance of reflection. The shield doubles as a bow.

Ray of Chivalry - Majestic fires an arrow that deals 100HP damage and 50% chance of confusion. Confusion only works on viruses.

Crusader Judgement - Majestic fires a more powerful arrow damaging the back row and 500HP along with it.

-Majestic can fly more freely over missing, cracked, fire, poison and ice panels, and even move in on the enemy's front.

-Majestic can recover while floating over holy panels.

Majestic.EXE was created to charm and tame viruses. Compassionate and silent she takes pride in her work, her abilities, and most of all her like-minded operator Leon. Both Leon and Majestic are caring souls who are usually quiet, and share great respect for one another.

Majestic may be a caring navi, but she is a powerful fighter despite her lack of experience. She once showed a different side and embarrassed Leon in a chance encounter with Blues and Enzan. She tried to latch on to Blues' hair and when he tried to escape, she frantically fired arrows hoping to get lucky and "tame".

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