By Blackstar


Ryouko.exe is a navi with kind heart. She loves flowers very much and the color pink (Which her design is partically based on). Some people had thought of her as an angel because she has a bright golden halo and others had thought of her as a female cupid because of her pink rose arrow, but basically, she's like both. Ryouko likes to help out her friends-in-need and comforts them whenever they are through the worse of times.

Ryouko wears a burgundy cape as to resemble her Medieval style and her main style resembles a neko (cat) for she love cats very much. Ryouko can be very quiet in public (only when she doesn't have her navi friends around). Whenever Ryouko's in battle, she could be very deadly. Strange though, whenever she sees Blues.exe lounging around, Ryouko would disappear without a trace. Before Blues even know what hit him, he would try to pull his hair away from the hair-glomping-obsessed blond navi!

Heart Arrow (180HP for total of 3 aims - 1 aim = 60HP): Ryouko.exe's most powerful ability EVER! Not only does it paralyzes opposing netnavis for a while after their being hit 3 times by Ryouko's arrows but their HP would also go down again after that to the same amount of damage that the arrows caused (In total, that would be 180 more, which adds up to 360HP damage!). This ability is also Ryouko's main weapon. Unlike other plain battle arrows, this one is very quick and agile. The bow and arrow is very light too!

Flower Darts (90HP for the total of 3 shots - 1 shot = 30HP): Ryouko.exe's "backup" weapon. This weapon can be used for extra opposing damage or a replacement for Ryouko's bow and arrow. The Flower Darts just keeps the opposing navi planted in one spot if being hit. If luck appears, the flowers may release poison and give the planted opposing navis a "poison touch" (Which could be extra helpful for Ryouko if they did! ^_^). btw,the darts don't ran out either so Ryouko could use them again and again whenever she likes! ^_^

Rose Slash (100HP damage for every slash): Ryouko's final ability. Her design is based on a neko (cat) so this is usually her design granted natural ability. The other 2 are just in her programming. Whenever Ryouko's other weapons don't work, she just use this one plain and simple! This ability can travel like a mettguard's shockwave and Blue's sword attacks, except larger than both of them and gives off a bright pink shockwave instead,blinding the opposing navis in the process, making them unable to move when came in contact.

Burgundy Shield (400HP defense power): Whenever Ryouko's in danger or she's very low on HP, she can use her cape to block/shield the attack. Unknown to any other navi, hey shield IS made out of a dark aura and metal titanium put together. Even if it doesn't look like it, The hardcore metal that's in her cape i compressed so it could act like a normal cape. The cape may look light on the outside, but its really hard and heavy in the inside!

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