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Saito's Dream

By: Neko (Alexandria)

Story Description: Rockman wakes up to find he is still Saito and not a Navi. But WWW still exists. Are he and Netto still in danger?


"Hey Saito wake up!"

"Huh!" Saito was still half asleep and tried to make sense of the dream he had last night.

"Wake up! We're gonna be late for school."

"I don't go to school Netto-kun."

Rough hands seized my shoulders and woke me up. "Whadda mean nii-san. Of course you go to school. Did you hit you head last night or something?"

I sat up and looked at Netto-kun. Then I remembered the weird dream I had last night. I was a navi! Still here was Netto-kun so I knew that that was all a dream. So then what about WWW and Gospel. What had happened! Netto-kun looked at me "Are you OK nii-san?"

"I'm fine Netto-kun."

"Ok, come on were gonna be late" he said again.

"Ok." I got out of bed and tucked my hair into a blue bandana with the red symbol on it. I smiled as I dressed myself in a blue T-shirt and gray shorts. If only Roll could see me. Roll! Is she real or was she also part of my dream? I sighed as I walked downstairs and saw my brother in a different outfit of a gray shirt and blue shorts. I smiled as I realized how we must confuse some people.

"Did you remember your Navi?"

"Huh, I have a navi?"

"Yes, are you sure you didn't hit you head or something?"

"No I'm just a little confused. I had a weird dream last night."

"Ok, well go get your navi, I will wait for you by the door."

"Ok." I went upstairs to go get my navi and I looked at the computer and saw him. A small navi dressed in a green jumpsuit with the symbol on his chest. He wore a helmet that covered red hair and has the symbol on both sides. I picked up the PET.

"You almost forgot me."

"S-sorry I kind of had a weird dream last night."

"That's ok Saito-kun, you also forgot your homework."

"Oh thanks ummmm…."

The navi smiled "Plantman." He said.

"Right, sorry."

My navi laughed "You are acting like Netto-kun."

"Oh dear." I said and we laughed together and I knew I would be fine. "Hey onichan hurry up!" came Netto's voice.

I went downstairs and looked at Netto-kun's navi I caught a glimpse of a blue figure. He had on a light blue jumpsuit and a helmet with the symbol on it and the chest. "Envious of me and Waterman?" asked Netto.


"We creamed you in the battle last night. It was our first battle against each other. Or did you forget that too."

"Oh." I remembered the battle. He was right, he did cream us.

"Get going." Said mom "Or you're going to be late."

"Ok, bye mom!" said Netto.

"Bye mom!" I said.

On the way to school I dug around in my memories to see what I could find. I remembered that Netto and I were the top net-battelers in the world and only one could beat the other. But as a team we were undefeated. I also found that Roll was still Meiru-chan's navi. I remembered much more as well.

"You forgot who Roll was?" asked Netto.


"Oh sorry I didn't realize…. the link was open."

"Oh that's ok." Yes, that's right we can read each others minds but we never did it during a net battle so as to not have an unfair advantage.

"Netto, Saito wait up." Meiru came up in between us. "Good morning you two."

"Good morning" we said in sync and laughed. Then we skated and laughed the rest of the way to school.

A figure was watching the two boys on a camera "So the legendary net batteler twins Netto and Saito. Apparently they can defeat anyone in a net battle. Let's see how true that is." The shadowy figure laughed.

"Netto-kun lets go to the arcade after school." Said Waterman "I want to practice."

"Ok, sounds great."

"Shouldn't we do the homework?"

"Saito, its summer vacation, today was the last day of school. Let's have some fun for once."


"Saito-kun" said Plantman "You need to be less strict and act more like a child, it is a good idea to do so, besides we can sneak away so we won't get caught in the storm when Netto hands over his report card."

"Good idea. Ok then." I remembered Netto's last report card.

The arcade was loud and noisy and Netto went straight over to the net battle dome. There was a boy on the other side with a navi who was red with a symbol on his chest of a black and white field separated by a jagged white line. "Hey Enzan wanna battle."

The boy smiled "Finally a worthy opponent, fine Netto."

"All right, Plug in, Waterman.EXE, transmission!"

"Plug-in, Blues, Transmission!"

I watched the heated battle but then went to a different part of the arcade to see what else there was to do.

"They are both here….. should I make the move…… yes they have their navi's Plantman and Waterman…… Ok… I will… bye.

I gasped when I realized the man was talking about us. I hurried to sneak away but when I turned around the man was right behind me. "Saito-kun run!" came the voice from my PET.

I turned and ran. I grabbed Netto and pulled him out of the door making him plug-out. Netto was less than pleased. "What did you do that for!" he yelled "I was about to win!"

"There's someone after us Netto-kun" I said as we ran.


"Yeah I overhead a phone conversation and the guy almost caught me."


We ran on and into an alley. We sat gasping for a while. "Are you two OK?" asked Plantman.

"We're fine." Said Netto-kun.

I looked up and saw a figure behind Netto. "Netto-kun look out!"

He looked up and gasped and the strong arms grabbed him. I was also put in a strong hold. "Saito-kun, Saito-k……." The man reached down and turned of my PET. The other guy did the same with Netto's.

"Our boss would like a talk with you." Said the one man as he put a cloth over my mouth. I smelled sweet and the last thing I heard was Netto give a muffled cry.

I swam up from the darkness remembering nothing. My head throbbed (Netto-kun, Netto-kun wake up.) Saito! He was calling to me. I struggled to open my eyes and I saw Saito across from me. Wait, that looked like Rockman! Rockman, he is a navi. How could he be there? I shook my head and I remembered that day, the arcade, Saito grabbing my hand pulling me outside. The sweet smelling cloth. Saito was in a chair with his hands behind his back and his feet tired together. I tried to move my arms and found I was in the same situation.

(You're awake. I'm so glad.)

(Yeah, my head hurts though.)

(So does mine but at least we're alive.)


Before we could continue out conversation a man walked in the room I gasped he was in my dream! Professor Wily!

"Hello boys. I have been monitoring you for the past few weeks and I see potential. I brought you here to see if you would like to work for me and my underground organization of WWW. With you two on my team I can finally take over the world."

Saito and I looked at each other "No way." We said together. A split second decision and thought transfer was all it took.

"Oh, fine then, I see you as a threat. Apparently he makes his decisions as quickly as we do. "Netbattle me and if you win I will let you go."

(Can we trust him?) I asked.

(We currently have no choice.) said Saito. (Let's take up his offer and destroy this place before it becomes too big.)


"Fine" I said out loud.

Dr. Wily smiled.

They were untied and brought to a Netbattle dome. The four people that were across form them looked oddly familiar.

(Count Elec, Madoi, Hinoken and Mahajarama.) thought Netto

(Huh? You know their names too?)

(I had this crazy dream….)

(Me to!)

(No way, that's just weird)

(Netto, we read each other's minds.)

(Oh yeah!)

I sometimes worry about my twin.

"So you two gonna stand their staring or are you gonna plug-in." said Madoi.

I looked at Madoi with contempt Netto on the other hand….. "We'll plug-in you old hag, and we'll beat you too!"

"Old-hag?! Ohhh you are going down you little brat."

"Netto this might not be the time to insult the enemy." Said Waterman.

"Fine, fine, plug-in, Waterman, Transmission!"

"Plug-in, Plantman, transmission!"

"Plug-in Fireman, Coleredman, Magicman, Elecman, Transmission."

(Ok here we go!)

(Netto-kun, we promised that we wouldn't open our link during a net-battle.)

(Duh! It's four against one and we are battling for our lives. I think we can have a little lee-way this time.)

(Right.) So he can make sense. I guess you learn something new everyday.

(Battle-chip program advance.) Said Netto (Best is to end this as quickly as possible.)


Our voices melted into one "Sword battle-chip in, wide-sword battle chip in, long-sword battle chip in……. BETA SWORD." A green and blue light filled the dome and swept through the area. All of the WWW Navi's were forced to log-out. We stood there victorious.


(Yeah..) Netto sounded nervous and I didn't know why.


The WWW operators were very angry, and Netto and I ran out of there as fast as we could. A pink helicopter came out of nowhere and a rope dropped out Netto and I grabbed onto it and we were pulled to safety. I saw Deako pull Netto to safety and then he grabbed my hand as well and pulled me into the helicopter.

"Thanks Yaito-chan." Gasped Netto.

"Thank Enzan; he came straight to me after Saito pulled you out of the arcade."

"Thanks Enzan" I said.

"No problem."

"Netto you're OK!" said Meiru hugging Netto "What happened?"

I listened as Netto relayed the night events and I wondered about the dream Netto and I had. Was it real or was it just a dream? If WWW is a problem now then what about Gospel and the life-virus. Can Netto and I really see the future? What will we do when more obstacles arise? I guess we will never know till it happens. Till then I am happy with Netto-kun my nii-san.