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Do You Wonder

By: Arison-chan


Brother. Do you ever wonder how life would be,
If events had turned out differently?
Maybe better, maybe worse,
But that question's been haunting me, like a curse.

How long ago was that day?
By now, it seems so far away.
I don't know what it's like for you, but me,
For me it's been eternity.

Death tried to take me, oh yes it tried.
I remember, I just wanted to run and hide.
Give up, let go, let the pain take over,
Short life flashing over and over.

But I made it, I didn't lose
In the realm of blacks and blues.
So young, we were, as brothers then
But now we've forgotten way back when.

But I just want and answer to what I've asked so long
All the other's I've received just seem wrong.
Now answer me, with the truth
And this time, I want proof.

Brother, I don't know
Wish I did, though.
Better or worse, I don't care
As long as you're with me there.

If you had died, I would too
Cause you know I can't live without you.
You're my twin, my other half
And to death, I'll just laugh.

I'll say this, and I'll say it once only
I know without you I'd be lonely.
I don't want to lose you again
I don't think I could stand the pain.

Better, worse, who gives a damn
All I know is that I am
Your brother, half, and twin.
And our bond is shared within.

No one, never, could take us apart
We've been there for each other from the start.
I'm here, you're here, what else do we need?
We're friends forever, that's what we agreed.

So, let's leave the past in the past
All our memories will last
Until the end, and even so,
We'll be together, until we go.

Netto, I'm glad I'm still alive.
Saito, I'm glad you didn't die.