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Rockman Goes To School

By: Lisa

Story Description: In this story Rockman goes to school. He has some trouble and alot of weird things happen.


On a very sunny day, Netto woke up at 12:00 p.m. What?! Netto was surprised when he saw the time. I woke up at 12:24?! Rockman? Why didn't you set the alarm?

Sorry Netto I forgot, I was busy. Rockman explained briefly. Netto wondered.

Busy doing what? I thought you were with Gutsman. You did say that you were going to hang out in the city. Netto gave Rockman a suspicious look.

Uh, I didn't say that! Rockman started to blush. It was easy to tell he was hiding something, again.

Rockman! Okay okay I found out your hiding something! Netto said.

Um, what are you talking about? By the way, I know nothing aboutt getting lost in the desert. Rockman then covered his mouth.

Rockman, you got lost again haven't you?! I knew it! This is the 235th time! Netto complained.

I know! But I just can't teleport right! I always get stranded somewhere! Rockman was so embarrass.

Hmm, Netto pondered. He put his hand on his chin. I'm going to ggo ask Meiru for advice. Netto said as he went out the door.

Meiru! There you are! Netto said 2 hours after the conversation with Rockman.

Hey Netto! I heard you over slept. So what's up?

Rockman keeps on getting lost what should I do? Netto said ask.

Hmm, Meiru though for a few seconds. I guess you'll have to teacch him about his surroundings and ware bouts. Meiru explained.

What?! I can't he's smarter than me! And I don't know much about the Cyber world! Netto wined.

Oh well there is one more thing, 2 hours after the talk with Nettto and Meiru.

What?!?!?!?! School?!! Me?!?!! Rockman said surprisingly.

But Rockman! You will never get lost again and you can meet new friends! Netto argued. They were silent for a moment.

Fine, If it makes you happy, Rockman said. Rockman felt lt like changing his mind but the words just wouldn't come out. I can't believe I am going for school for such a stupid reason. I bet I'm the only one there. Rockman complained.

Chill don't worry it can't be that bad you always say something like that. Netto said.

Yeah I guess your right education is good, I guess. Rockman trieed to cheer himself up it worked just a little.

The next day Rockman was extremely scared. He saw a tall building that read Navi high.

Yup I'm gonna be a small net Navi in a big world. Rockman told himself sarcastically.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Some familiar voice shrieked.

Rockman turned around and was surprised to see Elecman!

Oh my god. I'm not alone but I have a enemy going here?! Rockman ran up to Elecman and stared and him. Rockman's mouth dropped open when he saw Elecman's pink bow tie.

What are you doing here?! Rockman shouted. Elecman blushed.

It's none of your business! Elecman yelled in his cute pink bow.

Oh my god! A crowd of girls went to see some old friends.

Well at least I'm not alone. Rockman said quietly. He blushed slightly.

I was hoping I'm alone!!! Elecman yelled. He blushed so much it was obvious he was embarrass.

HAHAHAHA!!! Oh my god if it isn't Elecman. Elecman looked behind him.

AHHHHH! It's Bomberman! How dare you come here! Elecman face turned all pink.

Most of all the Navi's are here. I figured they would never look at your disguise, which is a pink bow! Rockman and Bomberman fell on the floor laughing. GRRR! Uh well um at least I'm not wearing a paper bag over my head like that guy! Elecman point to a familiar looking Navi. Rockman went up to the Navi.

Do I know you? Rockman asked. The Navi got all nervous.

NO! The Navi yelled as he ran away. Everyone looked at each other.

Who the heck was that Bomberman asked. But what I do know is - AHAHAHAHA! Bomberman couldn't finish because he was rolling on the floor laughing. Pointing at Elecman.

Crap, Elecman said blushing. Elecman looks so cute when he blushhes.

Hey look it's the rest of world 3. Magicman wore a baseball cap. But then he put back his wizard hat. Fireman was just giving everyone mean looks. And finally Coloredman was just pulling pranks on everyone.

Nice way to impress the ladies Elecman. Colored man snickered evilly.

Yeah be one! Bomberman finished. Everyone laughed except Elecman, (of course) Rockman, and Fireman.

*RRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNNG!!!!!!* A bell went off like crazy. It was time to go to classes.

Rockman was about to enter the door first but Fireman pushed him and said. Ill meet you in the park at EXACTLY 3:15. Fireman was being a mean bully. Rockman muttered under his breathe. But didn't say anything to get kicked out. The stairs were pink and blue. Two stair cases. One for girls one for boys.

WOAH! Rockman almost drooled. Then they were assigned to class 975.

Rockman seat was all the way in front. It was somewhat scary.

You are only here for one and ONLY 1 day. The teacher explained. So behave. We assign you to a book you carry with and that is the end of it.

Like wow, Rockman thought sarcastically. He had to answer 500 quuestions on his paper.

When he was done the teacher Ms. Velvet, Threw a fat textbook on his desk.

Uh what's this Rockman asked? It had a picture of the cybernetic world.

You carry this everywhere you go for you won't get lost and if you do, you come straight back here.

The Navi with the bag on his head got in trouble. REMOVE YOUR BAG! Ms. Velvet yelled.

I hate you, the Navi said as he removed his mask. IT WAS BLUES! He was totally blushing. Everyone giggled.

Sit down! And not another word! Ms. Velvet screeched. Rockman looked at Blues in a very taunting look.

What are you looking at? Blues snapped at Rockman. Rockman just turned around.

The bell rang time for lunch. The test was like 5 hours. Its was very boring.

RARG! Rockman turned around to see who was yelling. Once again, Elecman was pouting.

They gave me a book on how to dress correctly and I have to come back in a month!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just proves to show that Count Elec has bad taste in clothes. And why would a guy like pink any way? Bomberman taunted. As Rockman watched, Fireman pushed him

Watch it! Rockman yelled. Then he saw Gutsman and Roll go outside. But he wasn't allowed to. Hmmm they had tea with them. Weird he thought.

Uh ok? Rockman looked at the clock it was 2:55. Uh oh, He thought I might get in trouble if the teacher sees me and Fireman fight after school.

The bell suddenly rang. Rockman dashed quickly out the door and far away from the school.

Phew, that was close, Rockman read his textbook. He finally founnd his way back to the city.

Netto sudden came. How's school? It was nice I guess. It was only my first and last day. Rockman said.

Cool! Netto answered. He looked pretty happy but he also looked as if he was a tad disappointed.

But Rockman though he would keep everyone he saw there a secret. Otherwise Blues with really give him an owey.

^-^ The End