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Part of Your World

A Rockman.EXE fanfiction by Marisa (




“What would I give to live where you are?

What would I pay to stay here beside you?

What would I do to see you smiling at me?

Where would we walk, Where would we run,

If we could stay all day in the sun?

Just you and me, and I could be

Part of your world…”

---“Part of Your World (Reprise)”, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid





Chapter 1 – Prolouge




Rockman had come up with a list of email addresses quite easily. Of course, Netto would get lots of emails from his friends tomorrow - 'What the heck are those emails for?’ and ‘I thought you hated chain letters, Netto!'


He smiled. It was silly, but worth a try.


Ok, now u make a wish and if u send this to 20 ppl, ur wish will com true at midnight!!!!!!!11


Rockman smiled and shook his head. Why was he believing in this? He glanced at the clock. 11:58:49pm

"I wish..." he breathed, hand hovering over the SEND button, shaking slightly. This was stupid. It was a stupid chain letter. "I wish..."




But this was for Netto-kun... Isn't it? Rockman glanced out of the PET's screen, at the boy sleeping on the bed. It's not fair... he should be able to know his brother… shouldn't he?




Rockman, you're being an idiot. They can't even spell.




It doesn't hurt to try.




I have to... "I-I wish..." he choked, "I wish... I wish Saito had lived!"


He slammed the SEND button.


11:59:59 …




I don’t know when, I don’t know how

But I know something’s starting right now

Watch and you’ll see

Someday I’ll be

Part of your world…









“Saito-kun, wake up.”


“Why… are you calling me…” Rockman yawned. “I’m Rockman…”


Somebody was laughing. The same voice that was calling him… so familiar, but Rockman’s groggy mind


“Saito-kun, are you having one of your superhero dreams again?”


Rockman opened his eyes. “Netto…kun?”


Netto was leaning above him, smiling. “Good morning, Saito-kun!”


“I…” Rockman blinked. It worked… a tear spilled from his eye, and a warm smile crossed his face.


It worked.


It worked!


The chain letter, probably written by a prank-playing third grader, had worked.


Rockman felt his eyes sting with tears. “Netto-kun…” He reached up and pulled his operator – no, his brother – down to the bed and gave him a hard squeeze.


“Good morning, Netto-kun… it’s great to see you.”


Rockman pulled Netto close and closed his eyes. This moment was perfect. I’m real… here in the real world, with Netto-kun… More tears spilled down his face.




“Shh…” Nothing will tear us apart again… nothing can ruin this moment…


“Saito-kun, we do have school, you know…”


Rockman squeezed Netto tighter. “Tell mama we’re sick, then. I don’t care.” He buried his face in Netto’s hair, letting it muffle his sobs. “Nothing… nothing…” he choked, “Is going to tear us apart, Netto-kun.”


Netto frowned. “Saito-kun, what’s gotten into you?”


Rockman sat up and stared at Netto, straight in the eye, reaching forward and touching his cheek. Finally, together. I can reach out and touch him whenever I want. “You’re my only brother, and my twin.” He ran his hand down until it lay on Netto’s chest. Rockman felt the steady heartbeat. “I love you so much. You know that, right?”


Netto smiled. “Of course. But… why are you so emotional about it right now?”


“Netto-kun…” How could he explain? “You mean everything to me. Little bro, I promise – I’ll always be there to protect you. I’ll never let anything happen to you.”




“Shh…” Rockman hugged Netto close again, pulling him down so their heads flopped down on ‘Saito’’s pillow. Rockman could feel Netto’s heartbeat against his chest, in perfect synch with his own.


Rockman smiled, finally content.




The comforting heartbeat of Netto’s stopped abruptly.


“It’s not real.” Netto said blankly, but the voice was not his own.


Rockman cried out and released his grip on Netto. “Haaahwhahaahawa?”


“I hope you’ve enjoyed this moment of happiness, Rockman.”




I am not Netto, and I never will be… I have only fulfilled your wish temporarily.”


Rockman gasped. “You must be the spirit of the e-mail!”


“The E-Mail had nothing to do with this – the power of your wish was strong enough for I, Fate, to hear and answer. But now, I must take away this reality, for it cannot truly exist.”


Rockman shook his head. “No… no!” He cried, “No, please, give me one more day – this is everything I’ve always wanted! To be with Netto-kun!”


“Your dream cannot exist, Rockman. I am sorry.”


“No, please! You can’t…!”


“Saito was destined to die before he was born. It was written in the stars. Your connection with Netto has saved the planet, and will continue to save it countless times.”


“Fate… please.” Rockman grabbed Netto’s – Fate’s – arm. “Isn’t there any way… any way that Saito can live?”


“…posslbly. But there are dire consequences.”


“I don’t care!” Shrieked Rockman. “I just want to live! I want to be Saito, not Rockman! This is for both Netto and me!”


“Is this truly what you wish?”


“Yes!” Rockman sobbed, “Yes, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted…”


“You’re absolutely sure?”


Rockman stared into Netto’s blank eyes. “Yes…Please…”


“As you wish.”








“Saito-kun, please wake up.”


“Who’s there?” Rockman sat up and looked around the room. Netto-kun’s room? There was a desk across the room with a PET sitting on it.

Inside the PET was a familiar face, wearing all-too-familiar armor.


“My name is Rockman. Your father programmed me – I apologize, I arrived a little later than your birthday—“




I killed him… I killed my younger brother…