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Zero Tolerance

By: Prime (Joel Forest)

Story Description: Weird Happenings are being held in ACDC Town .Navis Are Being Deleted And Lan Must Figure Out Who He Is And Defeat Him Before His friends Navis And Megaman Be Deleted.


One Gloomy Morning....

LAN ! WAKE UP! UR GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL! Screams Megaman.Lan Wakes Up Suddenly, Tangled In His Sheets.

When He UnTangles Himself He Looks At His Calender. MEGAMAN ! ! Its Saturday Today ! Lan Replies In Fury.

I Think Ill Sell You Megaman And Buy Myself An Alarm Clock That Has A Calender Built In So It Wont Wake Me Up On Weekends.

WHAT DID YOU SAY ?!?!?!?!?! Megaman Looked At Him With A Very Evil Look.I Was Just Kidding Megaman...Just Try To Know

What Day It Is Before You Wake Me.LAN! LAN! LAN! LETS NETBATTLE ! ...I Already Beat All My Friends This Morning! Come

On!!!!!!! said a screachy little voice.It Was His Little Brother Hub Hikari.Lan Stayed Up All Night Practicing With Him.Sorry Hub Im

Very Tired Because SOMEONE woke me up! Lan said looking mad at His PET.Fine! Dont Be My Hero! Hub Said Waking away.

I Hate It when He Says That...Lan Said To Megaman.FINE ! but Only One NetBattle! No More! Only One! Said Lan. Hub Looked At

Him Like He was The Happiest Kid In The World.THANKS LAN! Hub Replied.And So They NetBattled And As Always, Lan Won.

Good Game But Your Lacking Speed One More Speed Level Up And You Might Even Beat Me. Lan Said Obviously Trying To Make

Him Feel Better.REALLY?!?!? Hub looked Amazed Looking Down At His Custom Made Navi.You See Zero You Are Improving.

Hub Said To Zero.We Need More Practice Though.Maybe Derek Higsby Will NetBattle Us.Said Zero,WOW! Your Challenging The

Son Of The Rare Chip Shop Owner.You Got Some Guts Kid.Lan Said To Hub That Wasing To Sure If He Wanted To Battle Him.

Ummm...Never Mind , Obviously Hell Out Chip Me In Every Way Possible.said Hub. How About We Go Challenge Tory Froid?

Said Zero. Yeah Hell Not Be That Hard To Beat. Giggled Lan With An Evil Look.OK ! Lets Go Zero ! Hub Yelled Hurting Lans Ears.

Lan Watched Them Go Off Happily. Lan Smiled. What A Kid.He Laughed. Lan Walked Down The Stairs And Sat Down And Ate

Breakfast.After Breakfast He Turned On The TV And Saw Derek Higsby And His Dad On Channel 6 Derek Said To Ribbita The TV

Reporter That Some Weird Navi Weiring a Cape Destroyed There Navi So Brutely That It Destroyed His PET.Showing His PET To

Ribbita.The PET's Screen Was Tpttaly Trashed And Half The Handle Was Missing And Too Scrued Up To Even Be Called A PET.

When He Challenged Me I Though Ide Win But When The Match Started All Numberman Could See Was A Shining Green Light And

Poof Numberman And My PET Were Destroyed Cryed Derek.What Did The Operator Look Like was He Big,Small,Anything Unusual

About Him That Might Help The Police? Asked Ribbita. He And His Navi Wore A Big Brown Cape With A Hoody You Couldint See

The Operators Face But He Was Farely Small. With A Big Voice. replied Derek.Thank You For Your Help Derek Said Ribbita. Lan

Looked Suprised As He Had Never Seen Or Heard Of A Navi That Powerful To Destroy The Other's PET Or Even The Navi.

I Just Have To Find Him Before This Maniak Found His Friends And Destroyed There Navis.Lan Said To Megaman.

Lets Go! Replied Megaman.As They Searched Around ACDC Town They Found Mr.Match Crying In Front Of A Dumpster.

How Unusual Can This Day Get Lan Asked Megaman. Cant Get Any More Unusual Then This. he Replied. Lan Sprinted To

Mr.Match To Ask Him What Was Wrong. Hey! Mr.Match! Why Are You So Glome In The Face? He Asked Giggiling. Shut Up!

Mr.Match Screamed At Lan. Lan Didint Know What To Do. Wanna NetBattle With Me For Revenge Like You Always Want To?

Lan Smiled. But Unfortinitly Mr.Match Started Crying Even More.Lan Looked Closer And Saw His PET Was Destroyed.That Seems

Formillier Lan said.Yeah, First Derek Now Match? This Is Starting To Get Weird.Who Did This Lan Asked Mr.Match.Mr.Match

Replied, All I Remember Is A Green Light.Lan Rememberd What Derek Said On Tv That His Netbattle With The Caped Man. All He

Could See Was A Green Light . Its The Same Person.He Said To Megaman.Megaman Replied, Lan! Didint You Realize That Hes

Going After The Most Experienced Netbattlers In ACDC? . That Must Mean Hes Coming For Me Next,The Number One Netbattler In

ACDC.Lan Started Searching Around Town. And Finaly After Around 2 Hours Of Running He Though It Was No Use Until He Heard

Something.NNNNNNOOOOOO Please Dont! Dont Destroy My Best Friend ! Said The Screaming Kid.Lan Rished Over And Realised

It Was Tory Froid NetBattling With The Caped Man.He Soon Realized That There was A WWW Sign On His Cape.

Tory Managed To To Jack Out And He Ran Away To His House.Are You Ready To Be Beaten By Prime And The Most Powerful

Navi In ACDC?!?! The Caped Man Shouted.Why Would Megaman Join Forces With You And Beat Peaple At Netbatling He

Laughed.Laughing Time Is Over Lets NetBattle! Screamed Prime.Jack In MEGAMAN ! Jack In Z They Screamed. Megaman Finnaly

Saw The Navi and Could Feel His Power Increasing.But For Some Reason He Seemed He Battled Hmi Before.He Laughed.Of

Course Not! He Starting Giggling. Megaman Attack Mode: Sword Slot In ! Lan Inserted The Sword Battle Chip And Instintly

A Cyber Sword came Out Of Megaman's Hand.Megaman Started Running To The Caped Navi About To Attack.Z Attack Mode:Z-

Sabre Slot In ! The Z-Sabre?Thats One Of The Most Powerful Sword Chips Around.My Dad Created It How Did You Get Your Hands

On That ?!? He Asked Him.He Replied, I Have My Ways. Both Swords Clashed In The Air Determining Who Was Going To Be

Victorious Megaman and Z Were Struggling Soon Prime Said , Z ! Style Change:Water Aura! . Megaman Saw A Tiddle Wave Falling

On Him And Then He Realized His Face Was Now Blue! Although He Couldint Actually See His Face Very Well.Megaman Style

Change:Elec-Brother! .Soon Megaman Turned Yellow And Had Jolts Of Electricity Coming Out Of His Sword.Megaman Shot His

Sword At Z Knocking Him Unconcious. Megaman Had Won And Was Very Happy About It ! Megaman Jack Out! Roger That

Megaman Replied. Soon Lan Ran Toward Prime And Removed His Hoody So He Could See His Face And He Didint Beleive His

Eyes.It Was Hub! HUB?!? he asked. So.rr..yy Big Brother. Said Hub . He Dropped His PET And Cryed In His Arms.

Its Ok Hub.Its Ok.Lan Said.And So Hub Told Lan All About How The WWW Told Him And Brainwashed Him Into Deleting Navis.

He Wily Said He Must Delete 5 Navis In Order for Him To Become Number 1 Netbattler In ACDC.So You Can See I Had To Because

Of My Obsetion In Becoming Number 1. And So Hub Told Everyone His Story By Telling It On TV Channel 6.He Bought New and

More Powerful Navis For The People That He Destroyed There Navis And so A Happy Ending.Well Sort Of..

|The End|