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The Rebirth of the oven fire! The birth of Rockman! Saito's creation!

By: Sketch

Story Description: Saito wakes up Netto to meet with Meriu-chan and Dekao. Haruka's oven catch's on fire and Saito's creation has saved the day.


"Netto-kun! Wake up! Netto-kun!" Saito shouted.

"Ugh.....5 more minutes..." Netto-kun said groggily.

"Netto-kun!! Wake up!" Saito shouted. He pulled Netto out of bed. "Meiru and Dekao are outside." Saito said kindly as he helped his brother up.

"I don't know what I would do without you to wake me up Saito. I'm so glad your alright." "How are you feeling today?" Netto asked.

"I'm feeling fine. The doctors say I'll be alright." Saito replied. Somehow, Saito survived his heart disease known as HBD. Saito does not have his own Navi. Dr. Hikari has decided that Saito shouldn't net battle for the reason that it may stimulate his disease. Netto however, has a standardized Net Navi, he has given it the name Rock.

"Saito, can you hand me my PET please?" Netto-kun asked. Saito grabbed Netto's PET and gave it to him. "I hope she's not mad at me for keeping her waiting." Netto took his PET from Saito and walked downstairs. Saito followed behind Netto trying to keep up with his brother.

"Dekao wants to netbattle." Saito said as Netto grabbed his shoes. "Netto-kun...?"

"Yes Saito?" Netto replied.

"...Nothing." Saito said. He went outside. Netto followed.

"Finally awake Netto-kun?" Meiru giggled.

"Ha ha, very funny Meiru-chan." Netto turned to Dekao. "Saito-kun said you wanted to net-battle Dekao."

"That's right! Gutsman and I are going win!" Dekao shouted. Netto stood up.

"Alright! You ready Rock?" Netto shouted.

‘Let's rock!" Rock replied. Netto and Dekao began to net-battle Meiru sat next to Saito.

"How what are you up to today Saito-kun?" She asked. Saito shifted his position and leaned against the wall.

"Well......can you and Roll-Chan keep a secret?" Saito whispered to Meiru-chan.

"Of course we can!" Roll-chan replied. Saito rubbed his neck.

"I'm making something for someone." Saito said.

"Who are you making it for? What is it?" Meiru asked. Saito once again, shifted around.

"It's for-what the!?" Saito heard a loud scream coming from inside the house. "Mom!" Saito ran in the house. Meiru turned to Netto and Dekao.

"Netto-kun!! Your mom is in trouble!!" Meiru shouted. Netto, Meiru, and Dekao ran inside. The house was full of smoke.

"Mom!!" Saito and Netto shouted.

"Boys....?" Haruka said weakly. Netto and Saito ran to there mother.

"Mom! What happened!?" Netto shouted.

"I..I...don't know, I was making snacks for you and your friends and the oven caught fire. My hurts so much..." Haruka fainted.

"Mom! Wake up!" Netto shouted. "Dekao! Take mom outside! Rock and I will put the oven out. Plug-in! Rock.exe! Transmission!" Netto plugged Rock into the oven, the plug became very hot. "Ouch! Everything ok Rock?" Netto asked his navi.

"This heat! I can't stand this heat! I can't do anything!" Rock was forced to plug out. Netto placed his PET on the counter and began splashing water on the oven.

"Netto-kun...." Saito said under his breath. He ran over to Netto's PET and ran upstairs.

"Saito-kun!!!" Meiru-chan shouted. "Netto-kun! Saito ran upstairs!"

"Can you keep splashing water on oven Meiru-chan? I'll get Saito-kun." Netto ran upstairs. Meiru began pouring water on the oven. Netto went upstairs to see his brother on the computer. "Saito-kun!? What are you doing!? This is no time to be on...the...compu-" Netto stopped speaking. Saito was turned around in the chair.

Tears were rolling down his eyes. He was holding a CD. "Saito-kun...?"

"Netto-kun!" He ran to his brother holding the CD, his tears fell on the shiny surface and rolled off onto the carpet as he hugged Netto. "I've been making you a present...a program for your navi....I was putting it in." Saito continued to cry. Netto rubbed his brothers head.

"Saito-kun...don't cry...." Netto smiled at his brother, who in turn smiled back at him. Saito wiped his eyes with his sleeve. "What did you make for me exactly Saito-kun?" Netto asked his brother.

"It's an upgrade to Rock's processor. It will give him a new look and upgrade his attack power. Dad taught me how to make it. We've been talking through e-mails." Saito had stopped crying. Netto placed his PET in the PET outlet by his computer and Saito placed the upgrade in the drive.

"Saito...." Netto held onto his PET. Saito activated the upgrade and it began to download into Rock's Processors. Saito also held onto Netto PET.

"Aie!!!!" Meiru shouted from downstairs.

"Meiru-chan!" Netto shouted. The Computer beeped. The download had been completed. "Rock? Are you ok?" Netto asked his navi.

" name is Rockman." Rock replied.

"It worked!" Saito said. "Netto-kun! Meiru-chan needs you!"

"Right! Rockman! Let's Rock!" Netto shouted.

"Netto-kun! I should be able to get into the oven now!" Rockman said.

"You sound different, must be my mind playing tricks on me." Netto ran downstairs to the oven. "Plug-in! Rockman.exe! Transmission!"

"Alright Netto-kun! I'm in the oven, there are many Fire Viruses in here. I'll delete them." Rockman began to delete the viruses. One by one they were deleted until they were all gone. "All gone Netto-kun."

"Great job Rockman. Let's plug-out and check on mom." Netto plugged out of the oven and went to see how his mom was. Dekao, Meiru, and Saito were there.

"Netto-kun...Saito-kun...." Haruka said weakly.

"How are you feeling mom?" Saito asked.

"I'm ok..*cough*..I'll be fine." Haruka stood up and went inside. Dekao stood up as well.

" did a good job. I got to get going, I'll see you around." Dekao walked away. Meiru walked over to Saito.

"Saito-kun! You saved us!" Meiru hugged Saito.

" wasn't me. Netto-kun saved us." Saito walked inside. Meriu walked over to Netto, he was staring into the horizon.

"Netto-kun? Are you ok?" She asked.

"Rockman...sounded and acted like Saito." Netto stared into Meiru's eyes. "Do you think..." Netto went silent.

"No, it couldn't be. Maybe the smoke made you delusional. Well I have to get going now Netto-kun. I'll see you later!" Meiru went home. Netto went inside.

"I knew he sounded like Saito. I know he did." Netto closed the door behind him.