Rockman / Megaman belongs to Capcom. This song parody was created for the Tri-Monthly Contest at Rockman.exe Online. Please do not post this fiction anywhere without the author's permission.


Title: The Story of MegaMan

Based On: Long time ago in Bethlehem

By: Daidairo


The Story of MegaMan
Long time ago in a bustling land
Someone was in a daze
Thinking of robots made to fight
So it started on that day

Buy and read the magazines
A new game is born today
And kids will play forever more
'Cause of that fateful day

At first they thought of "Rainbowman"
In the end he was "Rockman"
The dubbing group thought it was lame
So they bring you Megaman

The hero is a human
In the next game series
His name is Volnut (Go on, laugh)
He made the job a breeze

One time capsule changed his life
An "X" was added to his name
He had to fight a red Reploid
Into the story Zero came

X went on a holiday
And Zero had to fight
As Iris had died long ago
So Ciel came into the light

From great big wars to Netbattles
From robots to navis
From default weapons into chips
We bring you the Network series

Lan and Hub became the stars
They came to laugh and play
The kids had thought this was the best
Of the robot made on that day

Gameboys sound and children sing
Listen to what they say
The kids will play forever more
'Cause of that fateful day